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Epic clear up any "collusion" before start of Fortnite Season 4 competitive season

Collusion (teaming) has been an issue in the Fortnite competitive scene for quite some time, but that’s about to change. Epic Games has finally clarified what it is and cleared up some of the rules surrounding it.
Epic clear up any "collusion" before start of Fortnite Season 4 competitive season

The start of the competitive calendar of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is around the corner, and players are gearing up for it.

But before things kick off Epic wants to clear up any misunderstandings around the rules that govern competitive play and to that end has given a detailed breakdown of what "collusion" and "clout farming", among other things, are in relation to Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 rules collusion teaming clout farming
Epic wants to clear up confusion around some of the rules before competitive play returns. (Picture: Epic Games)

In a post on their official website, Epic Games has explained what collusion (teaming) is and what it isn’t, and what will happen to players when there is conclusive evidence of collusion against them.

Simply put, they define collusion as “consistently working together with the same opponent.” This includes “fighting together or working together against a 3rd player or 3rd team who encroaches on a shared location or shared drop spot.”

In other words, it is now unacceptable for players to work together to achieve a common goal.

This has been a problem that has surfaced time and time again. Several prominent players have been caught doing it in the past, including Nate "Kreo" Kou, Logan "Bucke" Eschenburg, and Daniel "Dubs" Paul Walsh.

Fortnite collusion teaming clout farming rules(Picture: FaZe Clan)

All players above and others have received bans of up to 60 days for collusion.

Epic Games also provided examples of what will be considered collusion. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Manipulating storm surge factors
  • intentionally by trading damage with no intent of elimination
  • Pickaxe swinging and other actions to signal and communicate information to opponents
  • Sharing loot or leaving items for another team, and intentionally feeding kills to another team

Some of these, like pickaxe swinging, were already rules but were added mid-season in an adhoc fashion or not properly enforced.

They also explained what doesn’t constitute collusion. This includes more innocuous behaviors such as:

  • Announcing a drop spot on social media
  • Choosing not to engage in combat
  • Coaching using the in-game replay tool
  • Dropping in the same location each match 

Now that a definition and the rules around it are set in stone, Epic Games has said they will be cracking down harder on anyone found guilty of colluding. If there is sufficient evidence against a player or a team, they will be banned from playing competitively without a warning. 

Those who come close to the line of collusion but don’t actually do it will receive a warning. But if they don’t stop, it goes without saying that they will also be banned from playing competitively.

Epic bans "clout farming" in Fortnite

Epic Games also addressed another issue known as “clout farming.” From this season onwards, they will take action against anyone who falsely promotes themselves as someone who has cheated or been banned. That’s because it “gets in the way of real investigations that action true bad actors” whilst going "against the spirit of the game.”

All in all, these are positive changes that address some of the issues running rampant in the competitive scene and will help make it even better in the next season and beyond.