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Epic Games Employee Exposed After Allegedly Leaking Fortnite Content

Epic Games are investigating a case of an employee allegedly leaking Fortnite content and illegally selling codes on the black market.
Epic Games Employee Exposed After Allegedly Leaking Fortnite Content

A Russian Epic Games employee has been facing severe backlash and controversy over allegations of leaking Fortnite content, disabling accounts, generating and selling codes on the black market, and much more. These allegations came to light after a YouTuber called Epic Corruption posted a detailed video claiming that the employee was misusing their power and authorization to benefit themself and illegally make money.

Epic Corruption’s YouTube video, which Epic Games have copyrighted and taken down recently, shared various allegations that have shocked the community. Followingly, the Russian Epic Games employee Alexey Gromsky, known online as "Loud Noise," is currently being investigated by the company. If these allegations are proven true, Gromsky might not only lose their career at Epic Games but also face legal action for intellectual property theft and related damages.

Epic Games Employee Accused Of Leaking Fortnite Content

allegedly alexey gromsky russian epic games employee
Alexey Gromsky, the Russian Epic Games employee accused of leaking Fortnite content. (Picture: YouTube via УПОЛО ФОРТНАЙТ)

Epic Corruption’s YouTube video highlighted various allegations regarding Gromsky’s suspicious behavior at Epic Games. The first and most shocking claim was that Gromsky allegedly leaked Fortnite content before it went live. Accordingly, Epic Corruption claims the employee shared unreleased information with some of the top Russian Fortnite creators since they joined the company in 2018. 

According to Epic Corruption, Gromsky would allegedly ask these Russian content creators for money too. Gromsky reportedly said, "I help you, stand for you and keep your tags from getting removed. Share with you the leaks, so I would not mind some financial aid.”

In addition, Epic Corruption claimed any Fortnite content creator that spoke up about Gromsky’s suspicious behavior would have their Support-a-Creator codes disabled and allegedly disabled creator’s codes one day before their payout schedules to “troll" them.

In November 2019, Gromsky allegedly used Epic Games’ tools to generate and acquire Merry Mint Pickaxe codes to sell illegally on the black market. Epic Corruption claimed that Gromsky later used more codes in 2021 when Streamlabs hosted an event. During this event, Streamlabs gave creators redeemable codes to disseminate to their communities; however, Gromsky allegedly urged Russian content creators to provide them the codes to sell on the black market.

Epic Corruption noted that Gromsky’s contract with Epic Games was extended in October 2021. After receiving their extension, the employee reportedly pushed their befriended Russian content creators to craft and develop Fortnite Creative mode maps.

In January 2022, Gromsky allegedly leaked the payout information, including the money the top Fortnite Creative mode creators received, which prompted the employee's friends to start developing more maps.

allegedly fortnite creative maps alexey gromsky pushed promoted
One of the Fortnite Creative maps Alexey Gromsky supposedly promoted on Epic Games' social media accounts. (Picture: YouTube via УПОЛО ФОРТНАЙТ)

Following this, Gromsky allegedly pushed their friends' maps to the front page of Discovery in Fortnite. Epic Corruption also claimed Gromsky would copy maps from some of the most successful Fortnite Creative creators and duplicate them for their friends.

The YouTuber added that one of Gromsky’s friends uses three different Epic Games accounts to publish maps. Gromsky would allegedly promote these maps across Fortnite’s official social media accounts to generate money via the Support-a-Creator codes. While the original YouTube video has been taken down, the video has also been published on Twitter (see below).

In response to these serious allegations, including the YouTube video of Epic Corruption, Epic Games stated it would investigate these issues and has put limitations on Gromsky’s employee account in the interim. In addition, Epic Games has taken down the video because it reportedly exposed "sensitive personal information."

Until now, there's not much information, but the community is still shocked after seeing these allegations. As more information becomes apparent, we'll update this article duly. 

And that's all. For more battle royale content, check out our section dedicated to Fortnite news, updates, guides, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games and Youtube via УПОЛО ФОРТНАЙТ.