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Foreshadowing Quest: Investigate Downed Black Helicopter

Finding the downed black helicopter isn't all that difficult in Fortnite when you have our map.
Foreshadowing Quest: Investigate Downed Black Helicopter

It is the beginning of the end for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, released back in March this season has seen The Island take over by a Primal biome with mysterious Guardian Spires springing up across the map.

What these things are all about we might never truly know, we know the Zero Point failed to destroy the island at the start of Chapter 6 and we've had hints that Jonesy and The Seven are set for another battle.

And that brings us onto Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 with today's update introducing a series of quests the setting in motion the launch of the new season which is expected to release on 8th June.

The quests dubbed the Foreshadowing Quest Line constitute five challenges in total.

The first two of which are set to go live tonight and they offer a substantial XP bonus and some clues as to what is in store come Season 7.

We have quick guides for both with this page help you in finding the downed black helicopter

Where is the downed black helicopter?

Downed helicopter Fortnite
(Picture: Epic Games)

The second quest in the Foreshadowing Quest Line isn't all that difficult though you will have to be careful when landing here as so many - at least initially - will be trying to complete the quest. The red star on the map below marks the position of the downed black helicopter.

Fortnite downed helicopter Foreshadowed quest line
The downed helicopter can be found north of the lake that Misty Meadows sits on. (Picture: Epic Games)

The helicopter can be found on the north bank of the lake on which Misty Meadow sits on, remember you don't have to land here initially and can potentially go by it later on in the game when the lobby is less populated.

Completing the quest will grant you 24,000 XP - a great way to level up your battle pass as the season comes to a close.

If you are still stuck trying to find the telescopes needing repaired check out our guide for quest one of the Foreshadowing Quest Line.