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Fortnite Blanka & Sakura Cup - Schedule, format, prize, more

Players will get a chance to earn exclusive rewards by entering the free Fortnite Sakura & Blanka Cup, here's the tournament schedule.
Fortnite Blanka & Sakura Cup - Schedule, format, prize, more

Capcom and Epic Games continue to build a strong relationship, as the recent release of Street Fighter's Sakura and Blanka brings the tally up to seven characters from the Japanese developer that appear in Fortnite.

Previously, Chun-Li, Ryu, Cammy, and Guile from Street Fighter, and Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series joined the battle royale.

To celebrate the release of the latest Capcom skins, Epic announced the upcoming Sakura & Blanka Cup, a Solos event that will have some exclusive rewards for top-performing players. Let's break down everything you need to know about the Fortnite Sakura & Blanka Cup.

Fortnite Sakura & Blanka Cup - Schedule

sakura and blanka fortnite
Sakura and Blanka are two iconic Capcom characters. (Picture: Epic Games)

The Fortnite and Sakura Cup will take place on 28th April. There is no hard, universal start time for the Sakura Cup, as it will vary by region and timezone.

Local times for each region will be displayed on the game's internal notification system, so be sure to log in constantly so you don't miss out on the action.

Fortnite Sakura & Blanka Cup - Format

Once the event starts, players will be able to queue for up to 10 matches. They'll have roughly three hours to complete all their matches.

As a reminder, this is a Solos event, so there's no chance to squad up with friends to compete in this tournament, sadly.

The scoring system is as follows:

  • Victory Royale: 25 Points
  • 2nd: 22 Points
  • 3rd: 20 Points
  • 4th: 18 Points
  • 5th: 17 Points
  • 6th: 16 Points
  • 7th: 15 Points
  • 8th: 14 Points
  • 9th: 13 Points
  • 10th: 12 Points
  • 11th: 11 Points
  • 12th: 10 Points
  • 13th: 9 Points
  • 14th: 8 Points
  • 15th: 7 Points
  • 16th: 6 Points
  • 17th: 5 Points
  • 18th - 19th: 4 Points
  • 20th - 21st: 3 Points
  • 22nd - 23rd: 2 Points
  • 24th - 25th: 1 Point
  • Each Elimination: 1 Point

Fortnite Sakura & Blanka Cup - Prizes

loading screen fortnite
The loading screen is a great homage to a Street Fighter 2 bonus stage. (Picture: Epic Games)

The event won't feature any cash prizes, instead, the top 25% of each region will be awarded an exclusive loading screen that pays homage to the iconic Street Fighter II mini-game in which players wreck a Lexus LS400.

So there you have it, time to put your skills to the test and show off your rewards if you manage to get a high standing. Remember that this event is open to players on all devices, so there's no need to worry about which platforms are eligible.

If you want to keep up to date with Fortnite tournaments, weekly challenges, balance changes, and more, don't forget to visit our dedicated section for the ultra-popular battle royale.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.