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Fortnite coach goes viral with spoof donation shaming clip: "I hate my viewers!"

The clip taken from Fortnite coach, Arab's, Twtch channel shows him "berating" his viewers for not subbing enough.
Fortnite coach goes viral with spoof donation shaming clip: "I hate my viewers!"

It seems that you can't go a couple of months with a clip springing out of Twitch showing a streamer berate their viewers for not donating or subbing enough.

The event often plays out in three-acts; first, the original incident occurs, where an entitled streamer finally loses their cool and chastises their viewers for their apparent thriftiness. The streamer will complain of having to "sit here all day", or claim they "ain't a charity". And by-and-large no one will care.

Usually, that clip then goes viral (maybe that was the purpose of the outburst in the first place, all publicity being good publicity), outrage from the Twitch community ensues with projections of the streamer's earnings and comparisons to "real" hard jobs, often much lower paid, are made to show just how ungrateful the streamer is.

Arab Twitch donation twitter viral clip
InvaderVie faced backlash after shaming her viewers for not donating enough. (Picture: InvaderVie/Twitch)

Then the third act, said streamer apologises or does nothing, the outrage mob abated by their own narcissism and the streamer's followers,  donations, and subscriptions -- the reason for the "outburst" in the first place -- are up because, again, all publicity...

In the end, an easy peace descends on the situation, everyone having got what they wanted out of it.

Perhaps renowned Fortnite coach "Arab" recognises this pattern, or at the very least the power of such an outburst after a clip went viral that showed the former Raised by Kings player berating his audience in the familiar way, except in Arab's case he had his tongue firmly in his cheek.

"If you want me to be honest chat, I hate my viewers and I think you guys are absolute f**king losers," said Arab in a clip that did subsequently done the rounds on Twitter.

He goes on: "You guys come here, and I am supposed to get at least 100 subs per stream, and some days you guys make it not affordable. Some days you guys make it I get 73 subs a stream!"

"I have a f**king degree! I can leave right now if you don't want this entertainment and I can go get a real f**king job. If you guys want to keep watching me, step it up."

"I am ending stream."

The clip was watched nearly 200,000 times and, judging by the comments, not everyone knew it was a joke. Even when Arab himself retweeted it.

Several hours later Arab posted a Twitlonger with the comment: "About the clip of me going around..." Usually the sign of a disgraced internet personality delivering their mea culpa.

"F**k my ungrateful viewers who don't support me with Tier 1 subs & gifteds," Arab said in a doubling down of his original message.

Arab donation outburst
(Picture: Arab)

Messages of support came in from his fans as well as other members of the Fortnite community with FaZe Ewok reassuring him that "real ones got your back".

Expect more of these shenanigans from Arab in the future as the man that bills himself as "Fortnite's No.1 coach", and a comedian, pro player, content creator, and man of the people said as much himself.