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Streamer InvadierVie apologizes for berating viewers that didn't sub to her channel

Backtracking on her previous comments, Invader gave a lengthy apology after backlash from the streaming community.
Streamer InvadierVie apologizes for berating viewers that didn't sub to her channel

In the last few months, several streamers have opted to shame their viewers into dropping money on their channels, each time being met with heavy criticism from people in the gaming space.

The latest one to try this was InvaderVie, shaming viewers that claimed they weren't in a stable situation economically to spend on a Twitch subscription.

Now, just less than a week since those comments earned her massive backlash, Invader decided to apologize during her latest stream on April 22nd.



Invader started her stream by saying that "what I said was tone-deaf, insensitive, and stupid". She added that regardless of context nothing "would excuse" her comments.

Owning to the comments, she tried to explain that "the clip of me that you saw does not represent my true feelings” by adding that on her hundreds of hours streaming, she's never been against people not backing her with bits, donations, or subs.

"I've said support communities after you support yourself."



"It was the wrong thing to do. It was the wrong way to deal with the situation" she added.

Invader continued by explaining that "five dollars means different things to each individual person, and my comments, lumping everybody in together, was the definition of disconnected."

Accepting the criticism she's been receiving, Invader made it very clear that the clip wasn't made as a satire or parody of recent events as some people have claimed, and that it all happened thanks to a great deal of frustration with a viewer during one of her recent streams.



"It didn't feel right for me to play the card of 'I was just joking, bro' because what I said wasn't a joke, it was hurtful."

You can watch the entire apology over at InvaderVie's Twitch channel.