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How to complete Covert Ops Phase 1 quests in Fortnite

Fortnite introduced a new set of limited-time quests, Covert Ops, that requires you to meet various objectives over two stages for every phase.
How to complete Covert Ops Phase 1 quests in Fortnite

Covert Ops is the latest line of quests to be added in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and Phase 1 is where all players must start the operation. What makes these different to other popular quests in Season 2 is the limited nature and the reward at the end.

With Phase 1 officially live in Fortnite, players will have only three more days to complete the Covert Ops stages as it will become unavailable for everyone once the timer expires. The first phase of the Covert Ops quests must be completed to unlock Phase 2, so staying on task is essential.

Fortnite Covert Ops – How to complete Phase 1 quests

One of the most important details for Phase 1 of the Covert Ops Quests in Fortnite is the Zero Build mode. Most challenges in Chapter 3 Season 2, allow players to jump into the default or Zero Build modes.

fortnite covert ops quests phases list phase 1 challenges
The Covert Ops quests will have four phases, with the first phase already live in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Covert Ops will require players to complete their challenges in the no-build modes. Phase 1 will have two stages to complete, starting with planting a Device Uplink in a Zero Build mode.

The Device Uplink can be placed in a few areas, including Tilted Towers, Sanctuary, LogJam Lumberyard, Condo Canyon, Sleepy Sound, or Greasy Grove. You'll see the usual Wi-Fi-like symbol on the mini-map when you get close to these areas.

Head to that icon and walk over it to establish the Device Uplink. This can be done in one location to complete the objective and can be done relatively quickly.

Stage 2 tasks you with eliminating ten players in a Zero Build mode. There is no magic trick to this step, but landing in a place like Tilted Towers and taking out players as early as possible is a good option.

With Stage 2 down, Phase 1 is completed, and you'll have access to the second phase on April 26. Likewise, you'll need to complete the second phase within a few days, or the quest will be cut off.

Missing any of these phases will ultimately knock you out of the running for full completion. There's a reward, the Secret Sledge Pickaxe, waiting for you at the end for those who make it through all four phases in the Covert Ops Quests.

fortnite covert ops quests phase 1 player eliminations eliminate ten players
The second stage of the Covert Ops Phase 1 quest requires you to eliminate ten players. (Picture: Epic Games)

We like to thank the YouTube channel IG for the complete tutorial on planting a Device Uplink in a Zero Build mode. You can subscribe to their channel for more fantastic content.

That's all there is to know about Phase 1 of the Covert Ops Quests. Keep an eye out for the next phases in Chapter 3 Season 2, by checking out our dedicated Fortnite section for the latest news, updates, guides and more.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.