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Fortnite dataminers leaked The Agency’s appearance after Doomsday event

The Agency might be no more...
Fortnite dataminers leaked The Agency’s appearance after Doomsday event
The Agency has become one of the most popular landing spots in Fortnite. Fans of the location might be upset after the Doomsday event, however, as leaks suggest it is going to undergo a drastic change.

A Fortnite dataminer found several images showing how The Agency will look after the Doomsday event. Large parts of the location will be destroyed, and whatever is left standing will be a shell of its former self. 

The dataminer rendered the destroyed building near Pleasant Park in the screenshots, but the building will likely remain in the same location. 


The Agency data miner fortnite Doomsday event
(Picture: FNLeaksAndInfo)


Large parts of the building are completely gone, and the remaining walls are all severely damaged. It is unclear if other locations will be damaged during the event, but there will likely be more destruction around the map. 

The damage to The Agency seems to indicate it will play a major part in the Doomsday event which is just a few days away. 

It is still unclear what will actually happen during the Doomsday event, but all signs point to a massive storm devastating the map. A countdown in Midas’ office indicates the event will happen on May 30th, so fans only have a few days left to enjoy the map in its current state. 

The latest patch also encourages players to complete challenges at The Agency which might be intended to get more players to see and experience the location before it is changed. 


When does Fortnite Chapter Two, season three start?

Fortnite’s new season is scheduled to start on June 4. The Doomsday event will happen on Saturday, May 30th.