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Fortnite v12.61 Patch Notes: Storm The Agency, Aim Assist nerf & bug fixes

Epic has released the Fortnite v12.61, the last patch before the game moves into Season 3.
Fortnite v12.61 Patch Notes: Storm The Agency, Aim Assist nerf & bug fixes
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is nearing its end and with the extension given to this season, this patch is a bit of filler until the planned Doomsday event and the start of Season 3.

So to tide us over the devs have cooked up some new Storm the Agency challenges, and we also have the first (of many?) nerfs to controller aim assist but if initial reports are to be believed it hasn't nearly gone far enough.


Aim Assist nerf

It's been one of the game's most controversial topics - controller aim assist when used on a PC.

Epic has constantly tweaked and sometimes made wholesale changes to the way aim assist works, but the control option is still dominating and it is beginning to bring the game's competitive modes into disrepute with the top 15 players from the NAE Region in the FNCS Week 2 all using a controller.

That prompted the devs to make a statement saying they were looking to make changes and this patch would be the start of that.

However, early reports are not good with some players alleging it is stronger than it was before.


Aim Assist hasn't changed at all from FortniteCompetitive


New Storm the Agency challenges and rewards

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(Picture: Epic Games)


Fortnite fans will have a new set of challenges to get their teeth into, and are set to launch at 10 am EST on Tuesday, 26th May.

By completing these challenges players will be able to earn XP and cosmetic rewards including a new Pickaxe, Glider and gun Wrap, as well as a loading screen.

Thanks to Fortnite's army of data miners we can give you an early look at the challenges.



Fortnite v12.61 Patch Notes

Thanks to the Fortnite devs Trello board, we can see what bugfixes are likely to be in the latest patch.

According to the board these issues were recently fixed:

  • General
    • Numbers not changing on sports-themed Outfits
  • Battle Royale
    • Unable to refund Dragacorn Glider
  • Mobile
    • iOS players hitching at high rate