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Fortnite hacker makes joke of anti-cheat by making it to the FNCS Finals, and he streamed it all

Kona streamed his entire qualifier run while running hacks to prove how worthless Fortnite anti-cheat measures really are.
Fortnite hacker makes joke of anti-cheat by making it to the FNCS Finals, and he streamed it all

Professional Fortnite can't seem to catch a break this year. Accusations of players cheating whether it be using aimbots or colluding with other players are rife within the scene. Epic's ability to combat cheaters has also come under-fire and one player has seemingly grown tired of their efforts and set out to show just how poor Fortnite's anti-cheat system is, by using an aimbot to cheat all the way to the FNCS Finals.

The player is "Kona" who entered the North America West qualifiers for the solos tournament using a "soft aimbot". People that tuned into his Twitch channel could see he was using an aimbot, and not trying to hide it in the slightest.

This unfair advantage allowed Kona to move through the next round of the FNCS Finals looking for a spot in the heat waves, however, Epic ended up banning him from the tournament, something Kona did not mind as he was already prepared to "sacrifice an account to show how bad the anti-cheat is."

The player would share clips of his aimbot in action via Twitter, gunning down 100 Thieves' Arkhram without missing a single shot in the process.

Team Deny, Kona's sponsor, announced he was being dropped, as they do not condone cheating in any capacity or under any circumstances.

"Due to the evidence brough to light by a great community, we have cut ALL ties with Kona. We were not told of any prior accusations before today. We do NOT stand for cheating in any form. Thank you for everyone pointing us to the evidence that was shown."

Kona did not protest his ban, however, he continued criticising Fortnite's lack of proper systems in place to avoid blatant use of exploits and cheats that ruin the competitive integrity of the game.

"The anti cheat in this game is so terrible to the point where someone can get to finals. i hope people learn from this," he said.

At the moment, Epic has made no official comments regarding this situation.