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Asia's no.1 Fortnite player has been banned for teaming, hours after taking FNCS title

He has been handed a two-week suspension and stripped of his prize money.
Asia's no.1 Fortnite player has been banned for teaming, hours after taking FNCS title

A Japanese Fortnite player, who goes by the name "Code Icemean", has been stripped of his placement and prize money after evidence emerged that he had been teaming during the Grand Finals of the $2M tournament. He had finished 1st, with over 198 points.

His suspension means that "Qjac" now takes the No.1 spot in the Asian FNCS Invitational taking home 15,000 USD in the process.


qjoc asia FNCS teaming, Asia FNCS Teaming
Qjac took the top spot after Code Iceman was removed from the leaderboard. (Picture: Qjac)


In videos post to the Fortnite Competitive Reddit by FormalCupcakes, Code Iceman can be seen getting fed kills by another player named Qoo, who also dropped him medikits. Footage almost emerged that allegedly showed the two players communicating via a Discord channel.





It is believed that both players have been handed a 14-day suspension after initially reporting being banned for life.

It's the second major teaming scandal this month after it emerged that Daniel "Dubs" Paul Welsh and "waffeluls" were teaming in one of the game's Cash Cups. The players were subsequently banned from Fortnite for 30 days.

Instances like these just go to show just how hard it is to police competitive Fortnite, which has faced a multitude of issues since it's inception that has chipped away at the competitive integrity of the game, from accusations of players' teamingusing cheats, the criticism of aim assist found when using a controller, and griefing.