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Fortnite Hunter's Cloak: How to craft in Season 6 for easy taming

A guide to crafting the Hunter's Cloak item in Fortnite Season 6 including the materials required which should make taming wildlife a bit easier.
Fortnite Hunter's Cloak: How to craft in Season 6 for easy taming

Fortnite Season 6 takes us back to the Primal age, and throws a whole lot of new content at players, from new map locations to a shiny new Battle Pass. One of the biggest additions is undoubtedly the ability to craft items and weapons and upgrade these weapons. Another aspect added in the game is hunting/taming wildlife. To get the most out of your hunting or taming expeditions in Season 6, you will need to craft a Fortnite Hunter's Cloak.

Fortnite Hunter's Cloak: How to craft

The Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite Season 6 will allow for easier taming of wildlife such as boars or wolves.

It is also part of the challenges for the first week of Season 6, so everyone and their pet boar will likely want to craft a Hunter's Cloak item at some point.

Fortnite Hunter's Cloak Season 6 how to craft(Picture: GuidingLight)

The Hunter's Cloak "throws creatures off the scent" and only requires two components to craft. In practice, the item causes wildlife such as animals not know where you are, so you can hunt or tame them with ease.

Follow the simple steps below to craft the Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite Season 6:

  • Launch Fortnite and join a game of Battle Royale.
  • Drop down to a location that features some trees, steering clear of named locations such as buildings.
  • Find a weapon and kill a couple of wildlife, such as boars or wolves.
  • Once you've collected two Bones and one Meat, open your inventory and head to the crafting tab.
  • You will find the Hunter's Cloak in the crafting tab, which you can now craft if you have the required materials.

You don't need to be at a crafting station to create your very own Hunter's Cloak.

YouTuber GuidingLight has a quick, easy-to-understand video showing you how to craft the Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite Season 6, which you can view below.

Clearly, crafting a Hunter's Cloak is quite easy and won't require more than one or two matches, depending on your ability to survive for a few minutes. 

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