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Fortnite January 2022 Crew Pack: Price, cosmetics, release date and time

Epic Games has announced details for January's Fortnite Crew subscription which includes free rewards, V-Bucks and a winter-ready Snow Stealth Slone cosmetic pack.
Fortnite players can start the new year on the right note with the forthcoming January Fortnite Crew Pack that will be available this week. The Snow Stealth Slone pack includes new items and weapons for the antagonistic Doctor Slone.

This cosmetic pack will be available to all Fortnite Crew subscribers however, if you’re not a member yet, you will be able to get snow-ready in no time. Here’s how you can get the cosmetic pack, its release, pricing and more.

What is included in the January Fortnite Crew Pack?

The month’s new Fortnite Crew pack is centred on the character, Doctor Slone. The Snow Stealth Slone pack includes four themed cosmetic items plus an alternative version of the skin and items.

fortnite crew january pack fortnite crew january pack snow stealth slone fortnite crew january pack snow stealth slone cosmetics
Doctor Slone is returning to Fortnite in a new cosmetic pack as part of January's Fortnite Crew subscription. (Picture: Epic Games)

The complete list of the January Fortnite Crew Pack are as follows:

  • Snow Stealth Slone Skin
  • Snow Stealth Hardcase Back Bling
  • Sleet Spike Pickaxe
  • Snow Stealth Wrap
  • Winter Sunset Style for skin and cosmetics

Additionally, Fortnite Crew subscribers can unlock another cosmetic item, the Golden Look Board Glider, for free. Simply log in to Fortnite anytime before 6th January 2022 at 6 am PT / 9 am ET / 3 pm BST to unlock the item.

fortnite crew january pack fortnite crew january pack free rewards fortnite crew january pack golden look board glider
Log into Fortnite before 6th January 2022 to earn the Golden Look Board Glider for free to Fortnite Crew subscribers. (Picture: Epic Games)

Furthermore, there are plenty of other amazing items to unlock for free alongside the January Fortnite Crew pack including the following:

  • Five new loading screens
  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • CH2S7 Battle Pass or 960 V-Bucks

Non-subscription members will be able to unlock one loading screen for the month of January.

What is the price of the January Fortnite Crew Pack?

To unlock the January Fortnite Crew Pack, the Fortnite Crew subscription is currently priced at $11.99 / €11.99 / £9.99. However, if you’re unsure as to what the subscription price is for your country or region, refer to the Fortnite Pricing Alignments FAQ page for more information.

When will the January Fortnite Crew Pack be released?

The January Fortnite Crew Pack rewards will be available on 31st December 2021 at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET and 12 am BST on 1st January 2022 to all Fortnite Crew subscribers.

You also have until 31st December 2021 to grab the Protocol Pack Back Bling from the December Fortnite Crew Pack, Fortnite Crew Legacy Set. Once you have acquired this back bling which evolves monthly, you will add a new item to every stage.

There are a total of six Stages that you can unlock with the Legacy Set. These Stages are made available on the 14th day of each month of your subscription.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.