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Fortnite Crew subscription service: Everything you need to know

Epic Games have officially revealed the Fortnite Crew subscription service, including the release date, content and frequently asked questions.
Fortnite Crew subscription service: Everything you need to know

With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 coming to an end with the massive Nexus War event, there's a whole lot for Fortnite fans to look forward to. Despite everything going on, Epic Games has announced the Fortnite Crew subscription service (yes, the leaks were accurate), providing fans of the ever-popular Battle Royale title even more options to get shiny cosmetic items. Here's what you need to know about Fortnite Crew, including the subscription service's release date, price, content and more.

Fortnite Crew: Release Date & Price

Right now, purchasing a Battle Pass in Fortnite would cost you 950 V-Bucks, so that's $7.99 for 1000 V-Bucks. The Fortnite Crew subscription service price, however, is $11.99 but it does offer some great extras.

The Fortnite Crew subscription service release date is locked into 2nd December, with an exact time yet to be revealed. 


Fortnite Crew content

Every month, Fortnite Crew subscribers will get 1000 V-Bucks, as well as the Battle Pass where you can earn more V-Bucks. 

Probably the biggest attraction, however, is the monthly Crew Pack. Epic Games will reveal what's inside the Crew Pack before the start of each new season, so you know if you want to keep subscribing or give your wallet a break.

Fortnite Crew subscription service content release date price(Picture: Epic Games)

The first Crew Pack will feature the Empress of the Cosmos: Galaxia skin, accompanied by an additional Outfit style. There's also a Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe, and a Fractured World Back Bling for Fortnite Crew subscribers to enjoy.


Fortnite Crew: The FAQ

Epic Games has shared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Fortnite Crew subscription service for those who want to know exactly how it works. Check out all the FAQ below:

Once I'm subscribed, how do I get my items each month?

Your Subscription is associated with the platform on which you purchased it (your “Primary Platform”) until it is cancelled and is not transferable. Be sure to choose the platform (e.g., Xbox, PlayStation, Switch) you purchase your Subscription on carefully. You’ll be able to access the items you receive from the Subscription across different platforms, but the V-Bucks you receive may not be redeemable on other platforms. You must log into your Primary Platform each monthly subscription period to access your Subscription Content.

Are my V-Bucks bound to the platform I purchase them on?

V-Bucks purchased on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch cannot be spent on other platforms. Any Fortnite content you buy with your V-Bucks will be available on every device linked to your Fortnite account, regardless of which device the content was bought on.

What's in a Crew Pack?

Monthly Crew Packs always contain a new Outfit along with at least one accessory. All items are exclusive to Fortnite Crew members.

What does it mean that Crew Packs are exclusive?

Crew Packs and the items they contain are only available to Fortnite Crew subscribers. Previously released items may be made available again to Crew members at a later date. They will never be sold to non-Crew members or given away to non-Crew members.

How can I purchase the Fortnite Crew subscription?

The Fortnite Crew subscription can be purchased directly from the Item Shop or Battle Pass purchase screen.

How can I cancel my Fortnite Crew subscription?

You can also cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription at any time. Go directly in-game and check out the Fortnite Crew tab to guide you based on your active game device.

Even after cancelling, your membership will remain effective until the end of your current billing period. You will keep all previously awarded Battle Passes, V-Bucks, and Crew Packs.

What happens if I already purchased the current season's Battle Pass or items in the Crew Pack prior to subscribing to Fortnite Crew?

If you already purchased the current season's Battle Pass, 950 V-Bucks will be returned to your account.

Can I still purchase a Battle Bundle?

The Battle Bundle has been replaced by a bundle of 25 levels, available for 1,850 V-Bucks. The offer is available to players at level 75 or lower at any time, once per season. This bundle can be packaged together when buying the standard Battle Pass by itself, or purchased after buying the standalone Battle Pass or acquiring it as a member of Fortnite Crew.

How do I update my billing information for my subscription?

Refer to the billing instructions from your platform of choice. If you subscribed on PC or Android, you may update your billing information in the Subscription section.

Why can't I see Fortnite Crew in the game?

If you're unable to see the Fortnite Crew option in-game starting December 2nd, your platform, country (or combination of both) or available payment methods may not be supported at this time. We'll keep working on adding more options as time goes on.