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Fortnite Jungle Hunter Quests: How to get the Predator skin and pickaxe

Legendary intergalactic hunter Yautja has finally arrived in Fortnite, and here's how you can get his terrifying skin.
With the latest mid-season update, all Jungle Hunter quests are now live in Fortnite, and they have come with some nice shiny rewards for players to collect them.

Of course, the biggest star of this update is the Predator, mysterious alien known for hunting other dangerous species for sport and honour.

The legendary hunter from outer space is now live in Fortnite and you can both fight him and get his skin as a reward.

But the Predator outfit is just one of many rewards that are awaiting you to earn them with Jungle Hunter challenges.

There is a set of challenges and for each completed challenge you will get a nice reward!

Fortnite Season 5 Jungle Hunter quests

predator skin fortnite
(Picture: Epic Games)

All 9 of the Jungle Hunter quests have been unlocked, and below you can see the full list:

  • Find mysterious pod
  • Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy
  • Collect 3 Medkits
  • Collect Legendary weapons or rarer
  • Defeat Predator
  • Complete a bounty as Predator
  • Visit Predator's apartment in Hunter's Haven as Predator
  • Spend 30 seconds with 10m of a player as Predator
  • Deal damage while thermal is active as Predator

Jungle Hunter quests rewards and items

Fortnite Jungle Hunter Quests
(Picture: Epic Games)

The entire Jungle Hunter bundle consist of nine items that players can unlock for free just by completing Jungle Hunter quests.

Each quest unlocks one specific item, and in order to obtain all these items, players will need to complete all Jungle Hunter quests.

This is the full list of the Jungle Hunter bundle items:

  • The Predator skin (legendary)
  • The Yautja Wristblades harvesting tool (Epic Pickaxe)
  • The Hunter's Arsenal weapon wrap (Rare)
  • The Predator banner icon
  • The Plasma Caster Reticle emoticon
  • The Heat Vision Hunter in-game spray
  • The Hunt loading screen
  • The Hunter's Trophy back bling
  • Bio-Helmet Online exclusive emote for the Predator

How to complete Jungle Hunter quests and unlock the Predator and bundle

Jungle Hunter quests Predator apartment
Predator's apartment in Hunter's Haven (Picture: Epic Games)

Most of these challenges are rather straightforward and you shouldn't have too many problems with completing them.

  • For the first quest, check our how to find Mysterious Pod guide and we also have a detailed guide on how to beat the Predator. 
  • Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy are three in-game NPCs, and you just need to interact with them in order to complete that challenge.
  • Collect Legendary weapons or rarer is pretty self-explanatory, you can do it in any Fortnite match.
  • The same goes for collecting 3 Medkits, but you don't need to do it all in one match, it can be completed over multiples matches.
  • Complete a bounty and Deal damage while thermal is active as Predator can be completed once you get the Predator skin.
  • Spending 30 seconds with 10m of a player as Predator can be tricky, so you will have to be a bit stealthy for this one.
  • Visiting Predator's apartment in Hunter's Haven as Predator should be an easy one.

And that's it! Now you have all these fantastic Predator items completely for free! Have fun completing challenges and enjoy your new items!