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Fortnite leak reveals "Dragon" Shotgun and Atlantis POI coming to game

New POI's and weapons will very likely appear soon in Fortnite Season 3.
Fortnite leak reveals "Dragon" Shotgun and Atlantis POI coming to game

With the launch of Fortnite Season 3 came a slew of new weapons and items for players to get their teeth into and a radical map design that saw much of world underwater. However, like all seasons of Fortnite, it may not be long until more content reaches the game.

With the introduction of superhero Aquaman to the game, it is perhaps no surprise that we are getting leaks suggesting a home for the water-loving superhero, considering last season Deadpool got his very-own Yacht as a base of operation.


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(Picture: Epic Games)


And thanks to Fortnite's army of data miners we have some confirmation of that, with files suggesting a possible Atlantis POI, the mythical city under the sea, will be coming to the game. FortTory, a prominent member of the Fortnite leaking community, has discovered sound files in the game for an "Atlantis biome", while also discovering a number of area names in the files, like The Ruins Temple and The Ruins Monument, suggesting this POI could be massive.



There is no word yet on when Aquaman's new home will be appearing but with the water expected to gradually recede throughout the season, it may not be long until we get at least a glimpse of his home-under-the-sea.


Dragon Shotgun Leaks

We also have the discovery of a new shotgun codenamed "Dragon" which looks to be a one-shot kill weapon which will come to the relief of many who are missing the recently vaulted pump shotgun.



Brought to light by the reliable "HYPEX" the new Dragon Shotgun will carry 4 bullets when fully loaded, firing all four bullets in one go giving it a devastating damage output.

Players will need to be wary though as the reload time is a whopping 4 seconds, meaning if you miss you best have an SMG as a backup.

The Legendary version of the new weapon is set to deal 140 damage to the body, 175 to the head, and 70 to any given structure when up close with the Epic version dealing 130, 166, and 60 in similar circumstances.

While the gun is a near certainty to appear in the game at some point, when exactly it will arrive is anyone's guess. The recently introduced charge shotgun first appeared in Fortnite's files in April - two months before it appeared in the game.