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Fortnite leak reveals underwater swimming mechanic ahead of Travis Scott event

Dataminers have discovered a new swimming mechanic could be on the way to Fortnite, which could coincide with the upcoming Travis Scott crossover event.
Fortnite players might be about to indulge in some underwater swimming, according to a new leak. 

Following the latest v12.41 update, dataminers have discovered what lurks within the game’s files - with one new animation pointing towards underwater swimming.

You can check out the animation files via dataminer Skin-Tracker below.

It’s unclear whether this will be a permanent addition to Fortnite, or if it might be temporarily added to coincide with the Astronomical Travis Scott event. 

The Astronomical event looks set to take place on an island off Sweaty Sands, suggesting you may have to swim there, or the event itself could take place in the island waters.

Travis Scott Astronomical Fortnite
Astronomical starts in Fortnite this week (Picture: Epic Games) 

Astronomical takes place across 23-25th April and sees rapper Travis Scott premiere a new track to the world. You can check out times for the event here

There’s also a bunch of cosmetics to coincide with the event, including Travis Scott outfits, a new glider, loading screens, and emotes.