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Fortnite Prop Gun: How to get the Prop-Ifier

If you like to be sneaky, the Prop-ifier is a perfect new toy for you in Fortnite, and here's where you can find it.
Fortnite Prop Gun: How to get the Prop-Ifier

Epic Games has just released a small hotfix for Fortnite on 10th August.

The update increases the availability of Alien Nanites from the ground, which means that now there are better chances for you to grab them.

If you were hoping for Prop Disguise services to return with this hotfix, given that they were removed from vendors last week due to an issue, unfortunately, that will not be the case, but Epic states that they will "let players know when these services are re-enabled."

But if you really like to become a prop, then the most important thing in this "hotfix" is not a fix at all, rather a brand new toy for you to have fun with.

Fortnite 10th August update introduces the Prop-ifier.

You can use a Prop-ifier to disguise yourself directly on the spot into any familiar prop from the Island and deceive your enemies into thinking that you are not actually there.

How does the Prop-Ifier work?

Where to find the Prop-Ifier in Fortnite
A holographic display will appear where you can choose a prop. (Picture: Epic Games)

When you have a Prop-Ifier equipped, you will see a holographic display in front of you with your Prop options.

Then, you just need to select a prop that you want to turn into, active your Prop-Ifier, and that's it, you are now disguised as a selected object.

If you want to be an ultimate assassin, you can stay in place and ambush your enemies, but you will also be able to move around as well if you desire to do so.

The enemies will still be able to damage you if they shot at you even if they don't know that a prop is actually a player.

Where to find the Prop-Ifier in Fortnite?

Where to find the Prop-Ifier in Fortnite
Three players disguised as props. (Picture: Epic Games)

Finding a Prop-Ifier is rather easy, there are no special challenges or tasks that you will need to do. They can be randomly found from chests, on top of abductors, and in the Mothership. 

Keep in mind that you will not be completely invisible even when staying in place, as from time to time a brief glitch effect (like TV static) will appear over your fake prop, which can help vigilant players to identify you.

Finally, it should be noted that the Prop-ifier is not present in competitive playlists.

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