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Fortnite Season 3 trident and astronaut suit teased

Epic Games is teasing a trident and what looks like an astronaut suit for Fortnite Season 3.
Fortnite Season 3 trident and astronaut suit teased

The Fortnite Doomsday Device event completed last night, transforming the storm circle into a wall of water. Many players were left to watch from the sidelines, as the event was at full capacity.

After the event completed, Epic started sending out emails to content creators and influencers, teasing a Fortnite trident and astronaut suit, likely for Season 3. 


Fortnite Season 3 trident and Astronaut

Four images were sent to creators, two of which teased an image before fully revealing it. The first image turned out to be a trident, and one can't help but wonder if this means we will get to see an Aquaman crossover event.

The first full image showcases the Fortnite trident:


Fortnite Season 3 trident astronaut doomsday event
Is Aquaman coming to Fortnite? (Picture: Epic Games)


The second image first showed the moon, followed by an astronaut seemingly holding it:


Fortnite Season 3 astronaut trident
The moon looks smaller than expected. (Picture: Epic Games)


This could also be some kind of underwater bomb, and an advanced swimsuit, since players will be able to swim in Fortnite Season 3 as evident by the Doomsday Device event.

It also looks as if these images are shown through the eyes of someone using a boat telescope, pointing towards possible vehicles on water.

With Fortnite Season 3 set to kick off on Wednesday, 17th June, fans want to know exactly what will happen. Unfortunately, nobody knows just how big of a change we will see in the game. 

We will keep you in the loop with all the Fortnite Season 3 developments, so stay tuned for more.