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Fortnite esports pro Sin exposed after racist outburst on Twitter

Fortnite esports player Sin showed off his gun collection and said the armory is ready in the event of an "N-word outbreak."
Fortnite esports pro Sin exposed after racist outburst on Twitter

Fortnite esports player Sin was at the center of controversy following a racist outburst on Twitter recently. On 23rd May 2022, the Fortnite Champions Series (FNCS) grand finalist shared a video showcasing his gun collection, adding that he has the armory ready if ever there were a "zombie apocalypse or ni**er outbreak."

Naturally, the video blew up on Twitter, attracting swarms of angry comments, slamming Sin for his racist commentary. Responding to the backlash, Sin also failed to acknowledge the significance of his statement, saying that he didn't understand why everyone was so mad.

Fortnite pro has armory ready for N-word outbreak

At the time of writing, Sin has seemingly deleted his Twitter account; however, the 13-second-long video was saved and populated by esports reporter Jake Lucky later the same day, drawing further outrage.

"Just in case there's a zombie apocalypse or ni**er outbreak, we've got the armory, ni**er. We've got the armory. We've got the ammo and pistols," Sin said in the video.

In response to the backlash, Sin said, "The clip of the guns is me; I don't understand why everyone [is] so mad. I literally said, 'IF there is a zombie apocalypse or ni**er outbreak, then we got the armory ni**a."

fortnite pro racist outburst guns n-word
Sin's reply to public backlash from his viral video. (Picture: Twitter / Jake Lucky)

"I never threatened anyone o said I'm gonna do anything. Everyone watch the clip and listen to what I said," Sin added. According to professional Fortnite player Av, Epic Games "had information about this man for a week" but failed to issue any form of punishment.

"Since the initial video has been tweeted, he and all of his friends involved have played and qualified through multiple rounds of tournaments. [It's a] horrible look for the company," Av tweeted while sharing evidence of other racist remarks made by Sin.

Attachment 1:

fortnite pro sin racist outburst
Fortnite pro Sin defames people of color on Twitter. (Picture: Twitter / Av)

Attachment 2:

fortnite pro sin proud about being a racist
Sin proudly admits to being a racist. (Picture: Twitter / Av)

While some Twitter users call Sin's remark a "hate crime," others are more concerned by Sin's extensive collection of weaponry. "No one should have that many guns, no one should have hate toward another race, nor create some fictional dystopian world they’re afraid of," said Twitter user Lex Martinez.

At this time, Epic Games have not issued an official statement regarding Sin's overt racist outburst. However, we will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments related to this story.

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Featured image courtesy of Unsplash.