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Fortnite Team Brawl LTM: Release date, how gameplay works and more

Here's how Fortnite's new Limited Time Mode (LTM) entitled Team Brawl works, as well as the release date and time.
Fortnite Team Brawl LTM: Release date, how gameplay works and more

There's a lot happening on the Fortnite island right now, with the upcoming Rift Tour event, POI being abducted, and the Grab-Itron gun finally making its way into the game. In case you haven't noticed, this is due to the Fortnite v17.30 update releasing on 3rd August, where dataminers found several new cosmetics in the game's files. If you love playing Limited Time Modes (LTMs), however, then there's another exciting addition coming to Fortnite in the form of the Team Brawl LTM. Here's what we know so far, including the exact release date and time of the Fortnite Team Brawl LTM, and how the mode's general gameplay will go down.

Fortnite Team Brawl release date & time

The fast-paced Team Brawl LTM has a release date of 5th August 2021. The exact release time for the mode is 09:00 ET. For those in the UK, that's roughly 10:00 BST on 5th August. 

Due to the nature of LTMs, the Fortnite Team Brawl won't stick around forever. At the time of writing, no exact end date has been revealed.

How does Fortnite Team Brawl gameplay work?

What to get straight back into the action after respawning? Then the Fortnite Team Brawl might just be the perfect LTM for you to try when it releases on 5th August.

Fortnite Team Brawl LTM release date time gameplay details
(Picture: Epic Games)

There's no skydiving required in this new LTM, as players will respawn and quickly drop to the ground. 

The Fortnite Team Brawl gameplay is explained via the points below.

  • The first team to 60 eliminations win.
  • Every time a player respawns, they get a new loadout.
  • Small storm circle.
  • Takes place on a single POI on the island.
  • Buildings are stronger in this mode.

Further, the Fortnite Team Brawl has a bit of a comeback mechanic for a team that is far behind their opponents. Epic Games explains: "The other team outdoing yours? Don’t throw in the towel yet - if they’re too far ahead in eliminations, you’ll be lended a helping hand. All the team’s players will become marked in your view and visible behind walls. These effects expire when the lead lowers by a certain amount."

The Fortnite Team Brawl LTM does sound like quite a lot of frantic, fast-paced fun. At the time of writing, there's no exact end date for this new LTM.

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