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Why does Fortnite say To Be Continued?

Players are wondering why the Fortnite screen reads "To Be Continued". We explore the meaning behind it and when you can play again.
Why does Fortnite say To Be Continued?

Fortnite continued its tradition by concluding its recent Collision live event with a loading screen that signaled the impending start of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Specifically, players were treated to a scenic screen featuring a giant mushroom before all the servers went offline.

In terms of how long players will have to wait before Fortnite is playable again will depend on how long the screen will remain present in-game. We discuss possible outcomes of how long servers will be down and when they’ll come back online for Fortnite.

Why does the Fortnite loading screen say "To be continued"?

When the Collision live event ended, millions of players were treated to a mushroomed loading screen with the emphatic words, “To Be Continued.” This message is displayed after you assisted Agent Jones and The Foundation with their pursuit of Geno, which resulted in a large device exploding.

fornite chapter 2 season 3 live event collision agent jones the foundation device explosion zero point
Agent Jones, along with The Foundation, helped destroy the device at the end of the Collision live event. (Picture: Epic Games)

Much of the island remains intact as many speculated the event’s culmination would result in new areas and Points of Interest being revealed. Instead, a loading screen filled with shades of blue and purple and a giant mushroom appeared, signaling the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

However, everyone wants to know the burning question: when does the next season start?

While the loading screen indeed has some beautiful calming music to treat players in the meantime, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will start when the servers are restored online on 5th June 2022. However, the times these servers will come back on have yet to be determined.

fornite chapter 2 season 3 live event collision when will fortnite be playable
Players have been wondering when Fortnite servers will be back online following the end of Chapter 2 Season 3. (Picture: Epic Games)

Since the Fortnite servers will only go online once the next season update is fully integrated, servers could be down for as long as 12 hours instead of the atypical two to three-hour outages for server maintenance. You can follow the Fortnite Status Twitter account for live updates and announcements ahead of the new season.

Many Fortnite players have been discussing this online for much longer; however, they’ll have to wait for the arrival of the next season, as the answer isn’t definitive as of writing.

Epic Games has released the Cinematic and Gameplay trailers for the upcoming season, which featured new cosmetics, the return of building, and the ominous presence of the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.