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Fortnite UFOs appear: How to get abducted and effects

Players on the Fortnite island have started spotting UFOs in the game. Here's how you can get abducted by aliens and the effects you will receive.
Fortnite UFOs appear: How to get abducted and effects

As the end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is fast approaching, an alien invasion is coming. Beaming in Fortnite Season 7, UFOs have started to appear in-game at roughly 05:00 CET on 2nd June 2021. Players are getting abducted by UFOs in Fortnite right now, and if you want to know where to spot one of these UFOs, the effect it has on the player, and how you can get abducted yourself, we've got you covered.

Header image via iFireMonkey

Fortnite UFOs - Known locations

As UFOs have just started appearing in Fortnite, we don't know exactly where they will spawn as the end-of-season event continues.

However, your best bet to spot one of the first UFOs is to head to the Risky Reels location. This is where UFOs have been spotted the most so far.

Fortnite UFOs effect locations how to get abducted by aliens(Picture: RexiumFN)

As the event continues leading up to Fortnite Season 7 (releasing on 8th June) players should see more and more UFOs appear on the island.


How to get abducted in Fortnite and effects

If you do manage to get abducted, players will be shot out at a random location on the map. Reports suggest more players get spit out at Colossal Crops, which makes sense since that's where the Crop Circles have appeared for the Foreshadowing questline.

Check out the video posted by famous dataminer and leaker iFireMonkey below, showing how a player gets abducted.

So how do you get abducted by aliens in Fortnite? Well, when a UFO appears, a random player will be picked, a beam will lock onto them, and they will be sucked up into the sky.

Your best chance of getting abducted is to simply stand close to where the UFOs spawn and hope for the best.

The UFO abduction effect in Fortnite will transport a player to a random location. It also drains your stamina a bit but provides the player will full health and shields once they land. 

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