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Fortnite Video Player device - What is it and how to use

A new feature is coming to Fortnite Creative as players will now have access to a Video Player to enhance all of their best work.
Fortnite Video Player device - What is it and how to use

Epic Games continues to produce never-ending content for Fortnite fans new and old. While the Battle Royale mode has evolved tenfold since first debuting in 2017, the game developers have not neglected other modes, especially not Creative.

In Fortnite Creative mode, players have the opportunity to craft their very own Fortnite islands to enjoy with friends and strangers alike. A recent update just spruced up Creative as layers will now have access to a special Video Player device.

Fortnite Creative Video Player device

Fortnite island Creative Video Player Device
The Video Player device will provide a new experience in Fortnite Creative. (Picture: Epic Games)

The Fortnite v20.20 Update brought some sweeping changes to the ultra-popular title. While Battle Royale mode saw its fair share of tweaks, we'll focus more on Creative mode here.

Creative mode changes included a Prop Mover, Water Device, VFX Creator, and perhaps most notably, a Video Player device. Previously known as the Llamatron, all Creative mode players will have access to the Video Player and it can really take your island over the top.

How to use Fortnite Video Player device

Fortnite Creative mode all devices
There are a number of new devices for players to enjoy in Fortnite Creative mode. (Picture: Epic Games)

To use the Video Player device in Fortnite, log into Creative mode and open the Creative inventory. On PC this will likely be Tab, on consoles and controllers this will likely be the select button.

Head over to the Devices section where you will have a plethora of options to choose from. You can search by function or category, but you'll want to select the Video Player when you see it.

With the Video Player device slotted, place them just like any other creative mode item through the phone. These Video Players can be used to broadcast a set of preloaded music videos from creator xDogged. Creators can use just one Video Player or string them together for a totally unique music-led island experience.

That should cover just about everything you'll need to know for operating the new Video Player device in Fortnite Creative mode. For more coverage, make sure to check out our dedicated Fortnite page for all the best game guides, title updates, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.