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Fortnite Prop Mover Device - What is it and How to Use

The new Prop Mover Device adds another level to map creation in Fortnite Creative mode, check out all the details here.
Fortnite Prop Mover Device - What is it and How to Use

Fortnite players who are fans of the Creative Mode in the game can use the Prop Mover Device to create more dynamic builds across the board. But what it does can be a bit confusing if you haven't had the chance to use the device yourself.

In the past, Fortnite Creative Mode was largely about making puzzles, maps, and everything in between with any assets available. While some fantastic set pieces can be made, the parts of a level were always static until the mover device arrived in the mode.

Fortnite Creative Mode - What does the Prop Mover Device do?

fortnite prop mover device objects
Use the device to make multiple objects move along a path. (Picture: YouTube / Richytoons)

As the title of the Prop Mover Device suggests in Fortnite, the device is a designated tool for making any given item move. There are a ton of usable parts in Creative Mode at this point, and the Prop Mover can place nearly any of them on their own moving path.

One major example of this would be using the device on objects such as cars or the Battle Bus. Roads can be created with full-blown traffic, or something like bus transport can give players more options on a level.

Internally, the Prop Mover Device uses conditions to create movement in different degrees. Something as simple as a straight path can be given to an object like a car or a moving target. Beyond that, multiple devices can be placed to essentially create loops or conditions based on how players interact with the object.

The addition of the mover device allows for far more dynamic levels and even platforming puzzles that weren't possible before the item was introduced. The good news is that they can be used to any degree because they are a creative tool, and you can let your creativity take over.

How to use the Prop Mover Device in Fortnite

fortnite creative mode inventory prop mover
Look through the Creative inventory to pick up the device. (Picture: Epic Games)

When you load into Creative Mode, it's fairly simple to pull out the device that you need when piecing a level together. The first step is to open up the Creative inventory which would be Tab on PC or select on a controller.

Scroll to the devices section and use the search function or the categories given for each item. When you find the Prop Mover Device, you can place a single one immediately, or you can save it in your quickslot to place them faster down the road.

With the device slotted, you can aim and place them just like any other creative mode item through the phone. There is no real limit to their use and you should feel free to test what you want.

That's all there is to know about the Prop Mover Device in Fortnite Creative Mode! For more coverage, make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated Fortnite section.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Richytoons.