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Free Fortnite bundle "Splash Bundle" via Intel: How to get

Here's how you can get the free Fortnite bundle called Splash Squadron if you own some specific Intel CPUs.
Free Fortnite bundle "Splash Bundle" via Intel: How to get

There's a Fortnite x Intel cooperation where players can claim a free Fortnite bundle called Splash Squadron. However, not all gamers will be able to get this free bundle, as it is limited to those who, you guessed it, on a certain type of Intel CPU. Here's how you can get the free Fortnite Splash Squadron bundle.

Free Fortnite Splash Squadron Bundle: How to claim

First up, console as well as mobile gamers who don't own a PC are out of luck. You can only claim this bundle if you have an Intel CPU from the 9th or 10th gen.

Those PC gamers who have a qualifying CPU from i3 in the 9th or 10th gen, all the way up to the glorious i9 10900KF can claim their free Fortnite Splash Squadron bundle, which includes the Intel Surf Strider Skin, as well as an accompanying Glider and Pickaxe. 

free fortnite bundle splash squadron how to get intel(Picture: ShiinaBR)


According to the Intel website, players who buy one of the qualifying CPUs starting on 2nd November 2020 to 28th February 2021 can claim this free Fortnite bundle. You have until 30 March to redeem the Splash Squadron bundle. 

Follow the steps below to claim the bundle:

  • Log on to Create an account or log in using your existing credentials, then read the T&Cs. 
  • Click on Redeem Offer. Instructions will pop up. Complete them to verify the claim.
  • Indicate the SKU for the Intel CPU you bought. You will receive a notification confirming the eligibility of the SKU selection.
  • Install the Intel HST.
  • The HST will notify you on-screen whether your device meets the qualifying requirements of the free Fortnite bundle offer.
  • You will then receive an email confirming that the offer has been successfully unlocked. Accept and agree to the offer's T&Cs.
  • Fill in the mandatory survey regarding your Intel CPU purchase.
  • Follow redemption instructions.
  • Claim the Fortnite Splash Squadron bundle for free as you log into the game.

With this free Fortnite bundle called Splash Squadron, you will also receive an Intel Software Bundle which is worth $500 according to the company. 

Check out the video below from HYPEX showcasing how to get this Fortnite bundle for free. 

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