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How to find the Fortnite Batcave location

The Batcave is coming to Fortnite thanks to the Epic Games and DC Comics collaboration, and we already know its location.
The Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point comic series collaboration brings exclusive skins to the game, with each of the six comics having a code that allows you to claim an exclusive skin to use in Fortnite. If you find them all, you will be able to get an additional reward in the form of the limited Armored Batman Zero skin. That's old news, right? Well, there's more, as it appears the Batcave (and Batshack) will appear in Fortnite, and we've already got the location down.

Batcave and Batshack location: How to find

With the Fortnite v16.30 update, there's a small new location on the map which many players might have missed. 

This is a small island with nothing on it (just yet) and according to dataminers, this will be the Batcave's location in Fortnite.

Batcave batshack location fortnite how to find(Picture: HYPEX)

The Batshack might appear on this small island via a future update. This location, for those who can't make it out from the map, is South of Flush Factory in Fortnite right now, following the v16.30 update.

Clearly, Epic Games is gearing up to give the Dark Knight a home on the island, and we've already seen the Batman Glider in the game as well thanks to dataminers.

Batcave batshack location fortnite how to find(Picture: HYPEX)

Dataminer Lukas7yoshi even found the Batcave/Batshack in the game's files, which looks identical to the one the Dark Knight uses in the Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point comic series.

Check out all three images of the Batcave/Batshack below.

Batcave batshack location fortnite how to find

Batcave batshack location fortnite how to find

Batcave batshack location fortnite how to find

Keep in mind this structure is not available in the game just yet. However, we do know what the Batcave's location will be in Fortnite following another update.

The next issues of the comics will be out on 4th and 18th May. Later, there will be more issues released on 1st and 15th June. The series will conclude on 6th July with the publication of the last volume.

At some point close to the release date of one of the comic issues, the Batcave or Batshack should appear in Fortnite.