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How to get Combat AR/SMG in Fortnite Season 8

Season 8 of Fortnite is rolling along with the famous battle royale island getting some major shakeups for the latest campaign. Here's how to get the new Combat AR and Combat SMG in Fortnite Season 8.
How to get Combat AR/SMG in Fortnite Season 8

Each new season in Fortnite has meant the addition of new weapons, map changes, and overall game updates. Chapter 2 Season 8 has been no different, with new areas available for exploring as well as new ways to win the fight.

So far one of the biggest sticking points of Season 8 has been the weapon additions of the new Combat AR and Combat SMG. They're upgrades for many players on the normally available firearms and they can really change the game for you and your team.

With the v18.20 update now live, the two weapons are available, however, you won't get them like most other Fortnite weapons. Here is how to unlock the new Combat AR and Combat SMG in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite Combat AR
The new Combat AR and Combat SMG are now available as part of the v.18.20 Update. (Picture: Epic Games)

Combat AR and Combat SMG - Fortnite Season 8

The new Combat AR and Combat SMG will operate in a different way than any other Fortnite weapon drop before. For one of these weapons to unlock, Fortnite gamers on all servers will need to donate enough Gold Bars for that particular weapon to win the selection, essentially a vote tally.

There are many locations across the map for gamers to donate Gold Bars, the spots are called Donation Boards and they are usually near the NPCs. When the winning weapon receives enough of the Gold Bars to unlock, it will be released into the weapons pool available in any loot chest.

As of writing, there is no word yet on what will happen to the weapon that doesn't get as many Gold Bar donations. However, it would seem likely to release at some point in Season 8.

Fornite Combat AR Combat SMG Donation Board
Drop off some Gold Bars at the various Donation Boards in Season 8 of Fortnite. (Picture: Fortnite.gg)

Make sure to check back with us throughout the donation period as we will have an update on the winner upon the announcement from Epic Games. Keep our entire Fortnite tab at your ready to serve as a hub throughout the excitement of Season 8.