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How to get XP fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Farming XP is essential to completing the Fortnite battle pass. The battle royale offers plenty of avenues to earn it, facilitating your grind.
How to get XP fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is finally here, with the long-awaited arrival of Darth Vader, which was first leaked and subsequently confirmed during the Collision live event. 

Getting the skin of the most iconic Star Wars villain and one of the most recognisable characters in the entertainment industry as a whole will require you to fully complete the Chapter 3 Season 3 battle pass. 

While it may seem daunting at first, Fortnite offers plenty of challenges to accrue XP fast. Of course, playing the game will naturally grant you XP, but if you want to maximise your battle pass grind, our tips may help you get yourself that Darth Vader skin faster. 

XP farm in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

fortnite xp farm
Farming in XP in Fortnite requires you to complete multiple tasks. (Picture: Epic Games)

Completing the battle pass will require some serious commitment, but that's not to say it'll be a fun ride, especially with all the new content that was added to Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 3.

If you're new to the battle royale, in order to progress to the battle pass, you'll need XP to level up, each time you do you'll earn Battle Stars. These stars are what you'll use to obtain specific rewards you want from the battle pass.

You'll need to claim rewards using stars and continue levelling up to progress through the battle pass. Here are some ways to earn XP fast in Fortnite.

Complete daily Fortnite challenges

Each day brand-new daily challenges are up for grabs in Fortnite. These are very simple to complete, an example of one is simply landing on a new Point of Interest. Each gives 1k XP points.

Completing more than once per day will also net you daily bonus goals that grant massive amounts of XP. Completing three daily challenges will net you 15k XP so keep that in mind. 

Complete weekly Fortnite quests

weekly quests
Weekly quests are your best bets at fast and big chunks of XP. (Picture: Epic Games)

Weekly quests give a total of 15k XP per completion. Unlike daily challenges which are in constant rotation, you don't have a timeframe to complete them as long as you do before the end of Chapter 3 Season 3.

Similar to daily challenges there are extra bonuses for completing multiple weekly quests, starting at 43k XP after completing two. Completing six will let you advance to the Tier 2 of weekly quest bonus goals which will net you even more XP.

Complete Fortnite milestones

Fortnite milestones are another great way of farming XP. These are more general challenges that you'll naturally complete as you continue playing the game.

A quick example of a Fortnite milestone is damaging opponents. Stage 1 of 20, which tasks you with doing 5k damage will give you 5k XP, with more up for grabs as you progress through this milestone. 

There are also Milestone bonus goals, obtained after completing 10 and 20 stages. You'll level up your bonus goal (starting at Bronze) the more you complete. The Bronze tier will give you 40k XP total. 

Play the game!

That's it! Even if you don't want to focus on challenges, quests, or milestones, performing well in a battle royale game, getting kills, exploring the island, everything will give you XP without feeling grindy.


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.