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How to survive every six storm circles - Fortnite Zero Build Trial Day 3

Day three of the Fortnite Zero Build Trials is here and we've got you covered with this guide for surviving every six storm circles.
How to survive every six storm circles - Fortnite Zero Build Trial Day 3

The Fortnite Zero Build Trial Day 3 is here, and players are scrambling to survive all six storm circles in a heated challenge. Many are aiming to get enough points to earn the rewards that come with it by achieving the daily and stretch goals.

If you're struggling with day three, we have you covered. Allow us to provide you with tips and tricks you need to know to survive all six storm circles in the Fortnite Zero Build Trial Day 3.

Fortnite Zero Build Trial Day 3

Zero build Trails Day 3 Fortnite
The Fortnite Zero build Trails Day 3 requires players to survive six storm circles. (Picture: RoyaleMishMash via YouTube / EpicGames)

Day three's challenge involves surviving the storm circles that slowly close in on the battle royale map. If you don't get eliminated until the eye of the storm stops closing in six times, it will grant the player one point and the Wild Shot cosmetic spray.

Surviving 36 times (gaining 6 points) in total will grant you the stretch goal of the day, the Boosted Groundsurfer Glider.

How to survive every six storm circles in Fortnite Zero Build Trial Day 3

Hiding and avoiding fights in Fortnite Zero Build Trials Day 3
In the end game, hiding and avoiding fights for as long as possible will almost guarantee your survival of the storm circle. (Picture: RoyaleMishMash via YouTube / EpicGames)

To survive the storm circles, you need to rely on outsmarting your opponents rather than outgunning them. Start by heading to the furthest gas pump location when you leave the battle bus.

Try to collect as many resources as you can and hide until you need to move back into the safe zone. Healing items, weapons, and Shields will be your best friend when you move towards the centre of the map.

Move to the centre of the map using a car and siege cannons. If you want to know more about the siege cannons and their locations, we have a guide on the Fortnite siege cannons you can check out.

Avoid fights and outlast your opponents

Once you reach the centre, you will inevitably start encountering more players. Here you will want to use tactics that avoid engaging your opponents as much as possible.

Hiding in bushes and moving away from active battles can help you last as long as possible and not get eliminated early. If players spot you, try to take them out quickly and move to a new safe spot to wait out the gunfire and the enclosing storm circle.

Once the storm circle has stopped closing, you can head out and attempt to pick off the last few players to place first. Even if you get eliminated, you will have met the requirements needed for the trial and have one survival under your belt for the six storm circle survival.

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