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Ninja discovers Fortnite bug at The Collider - Chapter 3 Season 2

In a recent stream, Twitch superstar Ninja discovered an awesome new Fortnite bug at The Collider POI.
Ninja discovers Fortnite bug at The Collider - Chapter 3 Season 2

The recent update in Fortnite battle royale brought some exciting changes to the ultra-popular title. One of the more notable tweaks was a new POI on the Chapter 3 Season 2 map, as The Collider was introduced.

As is the case with many new updates, the content is not always fully patched out and can carry bugs and glitches when the servers are over-stressed by a massive influx of players. One of the more amusing glitches in recent memory popped up when Ninja discovered a Fortnite bug at the new POI The Collider.

Ninja finds Fortnite glitch at The Collider POI

Fortnite Ninja stream glitch The Collider
Ninja is still a massively popular Fortnite streamer as he has continued to grow his profile. (Picture: Ninja)

Going live in the latest Fortnite v20.40 patch, Epic Games dropped in a new POI on the map called The Collider. The location is an IO base house that is also home to a new Doomsday Device.

In a recent Fortnite duo stream with SypherPK, Ninja and his teammate were engaging in combat at The Collider, when Ninja realized he could go inside the base of the structure. This area is not supposed to be accessible as there is no door or entry point, but the top-level Fortnite players realized they could get inside the structure by simply running through the wall.

Ninja and SypherPK glitch at The Collider - Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

SypherPK and Ninja The Collider Fortnite glitch
SypherPK managed to glitch his way inside the base of The Collider POI. (Picture: SypherPK / Epic Games)

SypherPK initially went in after an opponent who was healing inside, seemingly discovering the glitch as well. It's quite an exploit to use as the streamers realized damage cannot be dealt to opponents or received inside The Collider base.

In the stream, SypherPK ended up dancing with the opponent he found inside as both players seemed to enjoy the laughable moment. It's worth noting that Ninja and Sypher discovered players can use Shockwave grenades to push opponents out of The Collider base once inside the structure.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

This glitch likely won't be around for long, particularly when it's been called out by such high-profile streamers. But it's worth checking out for now and can provide a competitive edge amongst unsuspecting opponents.


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.