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How To Remain Shrouded From A Single Shadow Bomb For 10 Seconds In Fortnite

Learn how to remain shrouded from a Single Shadow Bomb for 10 seconds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.
How To Remain Shrouded From A Single Shadow Bomb For 10 Seconds In Fortnite

Shadow of Phantasm Week brings a new set of challenges to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, and many of them revolve around items like the Shadow Bomb. Along with the shrouding equipment, Epic Games added the Suppressed AR, the Suppressed SMG, and Shield Bubbles.

Most of the other challenges are fairly straightforward, such as getting damage with the unvaulted suppressed weapons. But the challenge to remain shrouded from a single Shadow Bomb for 10 seconds is proving to be more of a struggle than it seems. As long as you know the trick to staying hidden though, you'll get it done in a flash.

Staying shrouded from a single Shadow Bomb for 10 seconds in Fortnite

Shadow of Phantasm Week
All four items will be available until September 7. (Picture: Epic Games)

When you use a normal Shadow Bomb in Fortnite, the effect will last for around five seconds. White flashes will appear around your character as soon as the effect is about to end, so you'll know that time is running out. Because Shadow Bombs come in stacks of two, you may be thinking that it would be easy to just use a second one before time runs out.

However, that strategy won't work and you can't use one until the initial effect is gone. It's not an AOE item either, so teammates can't throw one at you to keep you shrouded. Instead, you'll need to make use of some jumping mechanics and a good surface.

To stay shrouded from a single Shadow Bomb for 10 seconds, you essentially need to remain in the air. Of course, that's impossible without gliding, so the next best thing is a sloped surface. If you find the side of a rocky hill or a mountain, you can continuously bounce on it without ever technically landing.

Shadow Bomb
The Shadow Bomb will give you extra mobility. (Picture: Epic Games)

If you land on grass or normal ground, you will pop out of the shroud. To stay airborne the trick is to jump on the side of the hill, flip in the air with the double jump, and land on the hill once again. Each time you hit that side of the hill, you need to jump again immediately.

You'll know you've completed the Fortnite challenge once the completion notification pops up in the top right corner of your screen. This may take you a few tries to get right, so it's best to have a full stack of Shadow Bombs that allow for a few errors. Before you know it, the most cryptic challenge will be over.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.