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Riot and Epic Games reportedly working on Jinx's arrival to Fortnite

As part of the global premiere of the animated series “Arcane”, Jinx could hit the Fortnite battlefield soon.
Riot and Epic Games reportedly working on Jinx's arrival to Fortnite

In recent days, the global premiere of the new League of Legends animated series "Arcane" has managed to attract countless people, who, regardless of whether they play the game or are new fans, have marvelled at the new audiovisual project by Riot Games and Netflix.

Although these days, Riot announced the arrival of exclusive content to all of their titles, as part of the celebration of its release on 7th November, some recent reports are now pointing to what may be one of the most ambitious crossovers in history, between two current video game giants.

League of Legends Arcane Jinx
In Arcane, all viewers will have the chance to learn more about Jinx's past in Zaun. (Picture: Riot Games / Netflix)

Thanks to the leaks by Shiina, a renowned dataminer from the Fortnite community, a new collaboration between Riot and Epic Games could be in the works, which would lead to one of Arcane’s protagonists appearing as a new skin for the battle royale.

Of course, we are talking about Jinx, the champion known as the Loose Cannon and someone who has become one of the flagships characters from League of Legends, thanks to her crazy attitude and explosive rebellion that has won her millions of fans worldwide.

According to Shiina, Jinx will be making her debut in Epic's battle royale sometime next week, so it doesn't sound all that far-fetched as it will serve as part of Arcane’s global premiere celebration.

Jinx Fortnite skin concept
Jinx's Fortnite skin concept. (Picture: Shanyshdw)

So far, neither company has said anything about this possible crossover; however, everything indicates this will be officially revealed on 1st November by David “TheGrefg” Cánovas, who recently spoke about the announcement of a new special skin for one of his next streams.

As we await this, it’s very likely the new Jinx skin will be available during the premiere of Arcane, after the rotation of the featured skins from the Fortnite store, where we will also meet El Chapulín Colorado in the next few days.

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Featured image courtesy of FortniteBR.