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League of Legends v11.22: All balance changes, Arcane skins, end of ranked season, and more

League’s patch 11.22 will be the last of the 2021 Season, setting everything up before the preseason changes.
League of Legends v11.22: All balance changes, Arcane skins, end of ranked season, and more

Riot Games has revealed the first details about all the changes coming to League of Legends with patch 11.22, scheduled to hit the live servers on 3rd November.

With most preseason changes already unveiled, this next patch will also mark the end of the current season, bringing lighter but substantial balance changes with it. There are also the long-awaited ranked rewards for all those who reach Gold before the season ends.

Without further to do, let’s take a look all everything coming in patch 11.22.

Patch 11.22: All balance changes

League of Legends Riven
Riven, the Exile. (Picture: Riot Games)

Following the same trend as with patch 11.20, League’s next update features some fixes towards a handful of champions, as confirmed on the preview released by Riot Phlox, one of the designers on the Summoner’s Rift team.

Starting with the buffs, the biggest ones will be coming for Riven, whose Ki Burst’s damage and Valor’s shield will be increased at all levels, and for Kayn as his Reaping Slash’s AD Ratio and Umbral Trespass’ HP Ratio is set to be powered up, but only for his Rhaast form.

Akali’s passive damage will also be increased in flat, and %AP stats, Kalista’s and Varus’s E Ratio will be upgraded from 60% to 70% and 90%, respectively. Lastly, all of Renekton’s stun changes from patch 11.21 will be reverted.

League of Legends Kayn
Kayn, the Shadow Reaper. (Picture: Riot Games)

As for the nerfs, Qiyana will be in the spotlight this time, as her base HP and HP per level will be decreased drastically, and both her Elemental Wrath / Edge of Ixtal and Audacity will have a lower AD bonus and a slightly bigger flat AD stat.

Graves’ Pellet Crit damage will change from 30% to 20%, Kha’Zix’s Taste Their Fear bonus AD and Iso bonus AD Ratio will be reduced at all levels.

Yuumi’s Zoomies move speed ratio will change from 10%/100 AP to 6%/100 AP, with its heal being decreased at all tiers. Maokai’s passive heal will be changed from 7% to 5% at first, and the damage of his Twisted Advance will be reduced by 10 points.

League of Legends Yuumi
Yuumi, the Magical Cat. (Picture: Riot Games)

The last change of the season will come for the Goredrinker, which after being hardly nerfed at the last patch. Its HP bonus will be increased from 400 to 450, and its Omnivamp stat will change from 8% to 10%.

Patch 11.22: Arcane skins and end of ranked season

As part of this patch, and with the premiere of League’s animated series “Arcane” coming around the corner, all players will have the chance to get a couple of exclusive skins for free, thanks to its Global Premiere Event on 7th November.

These drops include new reward skins for Jayce and Vi, two of the protagonists of Arcane, along with a VFX update for both Jinx and Jayce, and the exclusive Victorious Blitzcrank skin and chromas, available for all those who managed to get to Gold or further in any of the ranked queues.

There is also some exclusive loot coming with the theme of Arcane, including icons, emotes, Arcane Capsules, and Arcane Inventor’s Grab Bags.

League’s patch 11.22 will be released on 3rd November, together with the new set for Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets, which you can see by yourself on the link below.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.