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Arcane: Release date, trailer, details, and more

Learn all about Arcane, the new series based within the League of Legends universe, where we will know more about the past of Jinx and Vi.
Arcane: Release date, trailer, details, and more

The League of Legends universe has continued to expand more and more throughout the year 2021, with new stories that have brought us both the arrival of the Ruined King, as well as a broader view of some of the realms of Runeterra and their champions.

Another anticipated title will arrive shortly on Netflix, a story based on the regions of Piltover and Zaun, where we will learn more about two sisters with a very tumultuous past.

It’s time to talk about Arcane, the new animated project from Riot Games and Fortiche Production.

Arcane: Development and backstory

Arcane animation capture Jinx(Picture: Riot Games)

Being revealed for the first time during the 10th Anniversary of League of Legends, Arcane will allow us to explore the lives of two of the most iconic champions in the game, Jinx and Vi, two sisters who have always had a more than complicated relationship due to their different goals and aspirations.

“Jinx and Vi are two characters that Alex and I actually worked on during their creation some 10 years ago, and even back then we could tell that they’re really special. They've always been fan-favourites, and when we were approaching this idea and had to think about which characters we'd really want to sink our teeth into, it was pretty obvious to us,” commented Christian Linke, one of the co-creators of Arcane.

Arcane animation capture Jinx vs Vi(Picture: Riot Games)

Both Christian and Alex Yee have been part of Riot since its inception more than 10 years ago, which has allowed them to develop within the creative development of many of the champions and content based on the game, making Arcane a work attached to what Rioters and the community seek to learn about canon League of Legends lore.

"Arcane is our love letter to you, the players and fans who over the years have been with us and helped make League of Legends what it is today."

"When we set out to make Arcane, we knew we wanted to create something that feels like an authentic representation of your favourite champions. You’ll get to see some of their origin stories, but you’ll also get to see them in the present day as they push the world forward," added Alex on why they made Arcane.

Arcane animation capture Jinx(Picture: Riot Games)

To carry out this project, the Arcane team decided to partner again with Fortiche Production, an animation studio located in Paris and who was involved in many of Riot's most popular videos, like “Get Jinxed,” “Rise” and “Pop / Stars.”

For Arcane, they are bringing back their unique style, making it look gorgeous and detailed in dark and surreal environments.

Arcane: Trailer and release date

You can check out some of what they have in store for Arcane through its official trailer, courtesy of Riot Games and Netflix.

"The world of Runeterra is so vast, with so many factions and champions that are bustling with life. This is just a small glimpse and the start of all the storytelling opportunities we are working on at Riot."

"On behalf of the whole Arcane team, thanks so much, and we’ll see you on the Rift", concluded both Christian and Alex on their /dev diary.

Arcane will be released on 6th November 2021, exclusively on Netflix and via Tencent video in China.

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