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Travis Scott skin coming in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, according to leak

A dataminer has unearthed files pointing towards a Travis Scott skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, who is well known fan of the title.
  • A dataminer has discovered cosmetic files for rapper Travis Scott
  • It looks set to be part of the Icon Series following Ninja's skin
  • Travis previously joined Drake and Ninja to stream the title
  • Following the arrival of a Ninja skin in Fortnite, it seems Epic Games are gearing up to release rapper Travis Scott into the Battle Royale ring.  

    Dataminer Lucas7yoshi has discovered cosmetic files for Travis Scott following the recent Chapter 2 Season 2 update, indicating an official crossover is on the horizon.  

    “Exact details are not clear but its safe to say its probably a skin and some other stuff (as it is a set),” the dataminer wrote. 

    While it’s yet to be confirmed, the skin could be connected to the Icon Series previously announced by Epic Games – which aims to bring personalities from the worlds of gaming, music, film and fashion into Fortnite.  

    Streamers Loserfruit and TheGrefg were previously announced to be involved after Ninja, with Pokimane recently receiving an emote too.  

    Travis Scott has some history with Fortnite though, having previously joined Ninja and Drake on their record-breaking Twitch stream back in 2018.  

    A whole bunch of new skins were added to Fortnite alongside Chapter 2 Season 2’s release, which you can check out here