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Forza Motorsport Builders Cup: New Career Mode Explained

Inspired by previous career mode iterations, Forza Motorsport will feature a new single player experience, Builder's Cup, focused on car building.
Forza Motorsport Builders Cup: New Career Mode Explained

Turn 10 Studios' recent Forza Monthly livestream gave exciting racing fans a greater look into its forthcoming release, Forza Motorsport. The racing game is set to feature 500 cars, five new race tracks, a massive game, and racing overhauls; it will also include a new career mode catered to the love of cars.

The developer provided a first-hand look into the career mode, the Builders Cup, with a new gameplay demo and an overview of the latest single-player experience coming soon. This guide explains what is the Builders Cup Championship career mode, including all new events and systems featured in Forza Motorsport.

What Is The Builders Cup Career Mode In Forza Motorsport?

The Builders Cup is a brand-new single-player campaign available to play at launch of Forza Motorsport. As the game's new career mode experience, inspired by previous iterations in Forza Motorsport 3 and 4, this new mode will focus on the craftsmanship and passion behind car building.

According to Turn 10 Studios' Creative Director Chris Esaki during the June Forza Monthly livestream, this career mode will be tailored towards "competition, car progression, and car building," which he calls, CarPG. And yes, this mode does blend car building with RPG mechanics and progression, hence CarPG, with "automotive stories" guiding players through their progression.

forza motorsport features guide builders cup career mode explained car building
The Builders Cup Championship features series of curated "automotive stories" for players to explore and progress by building a unique car and racing against AI opponents for rewards including upgrades and XP. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

These unique stories are curated for you based on which series you wish to explore, as each story will feature a specific car for you to acquire, build, race, and level up. The Builders Cup will feature various events and systems to explore and test your car build and mechanical skills against AI opponents for a fresh yet competitive experience in Forza Motorsport.

Forza Motorsport Builders Cup: What Is Open Practice & Trick Mastery?

Forza Motorsport's Builders Cup career mode will feature several events for you to challenge your car build against AI opponents before Race Day. As such, all events will start in a practice mode, which in-game is called the Open Practise.

Focused on you and your car, Open Practise aims to help players know more about their selected car with its default presets and performance with no tuning or upgrades added. This allows you to fully experience the car, from its handling and braking to how the tires grip the track and perform under extreme weather conditions while racing.

When in Open Practise, you'll have access to your car's HUD, where you can view various data, including the number of laps to lap times, current speed, and distance. Additionally, you can earn XP to progress in Car Mastery (your car's progression system) to unlock new car upgrades.

forza motorsport features guide builders cup career mode open practise hud
You'll have access to your HUD during Open Proacto9ise to view valauble information including lap time and speed. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Aside from Car Mastery, another in-game system will be present as a way for you to earn bonus XP, called Trick Mastery. Based on the "10/10ths" idea behind performance driving, the Trick Mastery system is premised on pushing your car to its limits by determining the fastest time around corners.

This can be done with any car and upgrades made to your car as you'll be measured using a scoring system, which you'll receive your 10/10ths score scoring results. Essentially, the faster you push your car on corners and bends, the more XP you can earn, the better upgrades you can unlock to build your car, and the faster you progress your Car Mastery.

As mentioned, you will incur several challenges and limitations besides racing your car using its default performance presets, grip levels, and dynamic time-of-day weather. Track temperatures can either increase or decrease depending on the weather and time of day, as the game will also simulate where the track gets "rubbed in," which can help you in those tricky corners and race your way to victory.

Forza Motorsport Builders Cup: What Is Challenge The Grid?

Another in-game system that will be introduced in Forza Motorsport is the evolution of a challenge-based system determined by race difficulty for massive rewards. Challenge the Grid is this system where layers can tweak the race settings based on their preference, letting you race your way.

In turn, by altering various race settings like starting position, your AI opponent's difficulty, number of laps, and physical damage, you can earn rewards determined on these settings for a more rewarding yet exciting racing experience.

Forza Motorsport Builders Cup: Featured Race

Featured Races are the main events for each series in the Builders Cup Championship mode. After learning about your open practice and pushing it to its limits in Challenge the Grid, you can finally place your car in competition, competing against tough AI opponents - upgraded by the cars and liveries raced by your friends - in a challenging yet thrilling racing competition.

These AI opponents can compete with the quickest players online without utilizing cheats or resorting to hacking. For every race you compete in, you will earn Series Points, which contribute to the overall leaderboard standings, Credit, Driver and XP payments, and Car XP, and you can view a race summary to see how well you performed in the race and overall series.

Turn 10 Studios will release more information and features for this new single-player campaign for the game in the coming months. Likewise, we'll endeavor to provide more news and updates once more reliable information is available for Forza Motorsport before its release on 10th October 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass.