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Forza Motorsport Dev Address Key Changes Arriving In 2024

Turn 10 Studios published their latest Forza Motorsport Community Update post, addressing key problematic features to be addressed in 2024.
Forza Motorsport Dev Address Key Changes Arriving In 2024
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Following its launch in October 2023, developer Turn 10 Studios has provided plenty of unique content, such as new race tracks, more Car Drops, rotational events, and a wealth of game updates for Forza Motorsport. While the game has continued to be improved with every patch update released, various features and mechanics have been met with some criticism from the Forza community and critics alike.

As the developers have attempted to be as transparent as possible, some key game features and mechanics have been long ignored for a balanced rework. As such, they recently released a Community Update on these key features, which is being reported to arrive in-game in future patch updates.

Detailed in the latest Community Update for Forza Motorsport, Turn 10 Studios has addressed some key areas that have been a concern amongst its player base. Acknowledging that they have yet to be addressed in previous updates, they have confirmed that they will be addressed in 2024 in subsequent patch updates alongside the incoming content.

The developer has noted that the Car Progression mechanic has caused some disputes within the Forza community. They’ve stated that it hasn’t been “delivering the upgrade experience that they expect from Forza Motorsport” and will be working on resolving the problematic areas, which will require some time to “evaluate, make the necessary code changes,” and playtest these changes.

Another area of concern highlighted by the players is the Forza Race Regulations system, which the developer has detailed that it hasn’t been working “as intended” in certain situations. These include “inconsistent or unfair penalties” when intentionally ramming other players, pushing off-track, and drivers going off-track due to spinning vehicles.

forza motorsport community update developer feedback players concerns issues forza race regulations
The developer has noted that the Forza Race Regulations system hasn't been working due to a myriad of penalties players have incurred during races. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

They have noted various incidents where players incurred no penalties for “high-speed collisions,” whereas “low-speed collisions” penalized players. The developers have stated that they will address these issues alongside “long-time competitive Motorsport players” to capture this data and forward it to the team to work on fixes for Forza Race Regulations that are “more accurate and reliable.”

Lastly, the subject of competitive AI used to “ensure clean, tight, and thrilling racing” has been heavily panned by players, causing an array of issues when competing in races. Some problems experienced include “ abruptly braking and slowing down; not accelerating out of exits, braking too hard on mild corners, and following racing lines too strictly.”

This will be a massive priority for the developers as they will be looking to resolve this concern quickly in early 2024. All these critical issues will be “worked on” with other matters of concern before being released “to improve the experience regularly and consistently in a way that does not sacrifice stability and minimizes any downtime.”

Forza Motorsport is available for Xbox Series X|S, PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam and through Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Cloud Gaming as of 10th October 2023.