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Forza Motorsport Car Points Explained & How To Earn

As your car levels up, you'll unlock upgrades to install which needs Car Points. Here's what they are and how to earn them in Forza Motorsport.
Forza Motorsport Car Points Explained & How To Earn

Progression plays a pivotal role in Forza Motorsport, whether you're playing online with friends, exploring Free Play mode, or forging a bond with your car in the Builder's Cup. As your car levels up when driving or taking advantage of the Trick Mastery system, you can unlock upgrades that can be installed when building your car. This is where Car Points come into play, as you'll come to rely on them when building the dream track star to bring out races and special events. Here's everything we know about car Points, including how to earn and use them in Forza Motorsport.

What Are Car Points In Forza Motorsport?

Forza Motorsport lets players progress with their automotive journey through playing the Builders Cup campaign, enjoying Free Play, or competing online with friends. Whichever way you choose to begin or continue your gameplay in Forza Motorsport, forming a strong bond with your car can be achieved through the Build feature in-game.

forza motorsport currency guide car points cp explainer builders cup career mode
As you progress with your car through racing, you'll get an oppoortunity to unlock various parts and upgrades to install to your car using Car Points. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

As cars are "built, not bought" in Forza Motorsport, you can acquire unlocked parts and upgrades for your car when earning Car XP and leveling up your Car Mastery. However, while these parts will be available for your car, you must install them before competing in your next event.

Installing these upgrades requires a specific type of currency called Car Points (CP) which are used to install car parts and upgrades. While Credits are used to purchase a car, Car Points can be used when building your car, as same-leveled parts and upgrade become available for you to acquire and install.

How To Earn And Use Car Points In Forza Motorsport?

As the Builders Cup aims to provide players with a fun, fresh and rewarding way of playing, you'll earn XP just by racing with bonus XP for each corner you take. As your car's level (Car Mastery) increases, various upgrades will be made available which can be fitted to your car should you choose so.

forza motorsport currency guide car points cp how to earn how to use install parts upgrades
Earn Car Points through racing and leveling your car through in-game progression. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

While you'll need Car Points to ensure these parts and upgrades are fitted to your car before the next event, you will need to have points to spend on upgrades. Car Points can only be acquired through in-game progression, whether accumulated by driving or increasing the Car Mastery.

Once you have unlocked a specific part of the upgrade you want to install on your car, use the Car Points to install the part or upgrade, which can only be done after every Builders Cup event. Likewise, if the part or upgrade doesn't improve your car's overall performance, you can uninstall the part or upgrade and reuse the car Points spent towards a better part or upgrade.

You can level each car individually in the Builders Cup, so you must decide where your Car Points will be allocated and which parts to spend them on. It's worth noting that the maximum cap for the car's level is at 50; you'll be unlocking parts of the same level as the car progresses; however, it remains to be seen which parts or upgrades will be unlocked at each level.