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How To Adjust Drivatar Difficulty Settings In Forza Motorsport

Push the pedal to the metal when facing AI opponents in higher-risk situations for increased rewards by changing the Drivatar Difficulty in Forza Motorsport.
How To Adjust Drivatar Difficulty Settings In Forza Motorsport
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport has a unique system where players can push their driving aptitude to its limits by making their opponents harder to race against. This increasingly difficult challenge will make them much faster to contend with as you'll have to learn how to consume your fuel better, when to head to the pitstops, and how to brake and corner more efficiently.

This can be achieved by adjusting the Drivatar Difficulty settings, which aim to make their opponents more difficult or easy on themselves with a few toggle switches. If you wish to know how to change the in-game difficulty, we've explained how to adjust the Drivatar Difficulty settings in Forza Motorsport.

What Are Drivatar Difficulty Settings In Forza Motorsport?

Players can enhance their gameplay experiences in Forza Motorsport by toggling the game's difficulty levels, which extends to how challenging races and AI opponents will be. These AI opponents, called Drivatars, can make it challenging or less challenging for players during races depending on how they set the Drivatar Difficulty in-game.

forza motorsport settings guide drivatar difficulty settings ruleset bonus menu
Adjust the Drivatar Difficulty and select the preferred Ruleset to receive bonus Credits when placed in the top three. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Changing the difficulty influences how they can record faster lap times on tracks achieved through better fuel management, precise braking, and cornering. In return, this high-risk approach to the Drivatar Difficulty could potentially have players reaping massive rewards, but lowering the difficulty has the opposite effect.

Lowering the Drivatar Difficulty could be a welcoming approach for new players to Forza Motorsport who wish to explore the game's content and modes without the aggressive AI opponents. This essentially makes them more passive on the tracks, making it easier for players to pass them without too much emphasis on braking, drifting, and cornering.

As mentioned before, whether they opt to increase or lower the Drivatar Difficulty influences your reward bonus after each race. This bonus, called the Drivatar Difficulty Bonus, will only be distributed to players whether they finished the race in first, second, or third position.

Depending on what the Drivatar Difficulty is being set to, this influences the Drivatar Difficulty Bonus percentage, granting them bonus Credits based on whether they finish in the top three. Additionally, there's a Ruleset Bonus players can toggle to increase the rewards received after races, determined on race strategies enabled such as penalties, damages, and the race rewind, which can be earned based on a top three finish.

How To Change The Drivatar Difficulty Settings In Forza Motorsport?

forza motorsport settings guide drivatar difficulty driving assists menu
Players can make further adjustments by changing various Driving Assists settings that influence car handling and more. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Changing the Drivatar Difficulty Settings can be done when entering a race, whether in Free Play or Multiplayer, in which a pop-up menu will appear. Players can toggle to keep the Drivatar Difficulty at its default or increase it to meet their targeted gameplay experience.

This will increase the Drivatar Difficulty Bonus, and it's also within this pop-up menu where they can choose which Ruleset Bonus they wish to enable for this race. They have the option between Club, Sport, and Expert Ruleset, which has its unique set of rules and settings, and by finishing in the top three, they can collect bonuses for Drivatar Difficulty and Ruleset.

Lastly, they can make further changes to gameplay difficulty and general assists by accessing the game's Settings within the Main Menu. Navigate the Settings by looking for the Driving Assists tab, and you can make adjustments like Global Assists, ABS, Shifting, and Traction Control.

Forza Motorsport will be available on 10th October 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, Windows PC, and Steam. Players who've pre-ordered the game will receive Early Access, which begins on 5th October 2023.