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Forza Motorsport 2023: Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, Modes

Announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, here’s everything about Forza Motorsport, including release date, gameplay, features, and more.
Forza Motorsport 2023: Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, Modes

The recent Xbox Games Showcase unveiled plenty of exclusive first-party titles coming to Xbox consoles and PC in the coming months. These titles will land on Xbox Game Pass, including the announced Forza Motorsport from American developer Turn 10 Studios.

The eighth mainline entry into the Motorsport series, six years following Motorsport 7's release, will be the first not to be launched on Xbox One consoles. We've compiled the complete guide on the upcoming racing game, Forza Motorsport, including release date, platforms, gameplay, features, and more.

4th September 2023 Update: This guide reflects the confirmed release date, platforms, pricing, game modes, and more included in Forza Motorsport ahead of its launch on 10th October 2023.. The original guide continues below.

Forza Motorsport Release Date, Platforms & Price

Forza Motorsport was recently revealed during Xbox's Game Showcase at the Summer Game Fest by developer Turn 10 Studios. To coincide with the announcement, the studio unveiled the game's cover cars: the 2023 No.01 Cadillac Racing V-Series.R racecar and 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray, which both will be available in-game for players to race around the tracks.

The next game entry into the Forza Motorsport series will arrive globally on 10th October 2023 for Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. Additionally, the developer confirmed that Forza Motorsport is now available for pre-order for console and PC, for which its standard edition is listed at $69,99 via the Microsoft Store.

Forza Motorsport Gameplay & Features Explained

Turn 10 Studios revealed in-game footage for the upcoming release of Forza Motorsport in their Official Trailer debuting at the Xbox Games Showcase. With a significant focus on attention to detail, the UI will receive a massive overhaul and new additions utilizing "the full power and performance of Xbox Series X|S consoles," making this the most visually stunning and "technically advanced" Forza game to date.

Some new features included in Forza Motorsport are car damage improvement, aero choices for bumpers and spoilers, dirt accumulation, dynamic time-of-day, ballast adjustment, and spectrophotometer. According to the official FAQ page for Forza Motorsport, dynamic time of day can impact "driving physics," making each race track and driving experience different, whether during the day or at night.

forza motosport release guide gameplay features traction control colder temperatures
Racing under colder nighttime conditions may pose a greater challenge for players on the race track. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Colder temperatures can expect a reduction in traction control, especially at nighttime, which makes racing more challenging with similar temperatures during the daytime. Scorching weather conditions can massively increase track surface temperatures, increasing the temperatures of your tracing tires and improving traction control and cornering speeds.

In addition, the buildup of rubber on tracks could improve overall grip on the race tracks, specifically on corners and likely sharp bends. This may be advantageous for players as it could prevent a decrease in traction control for better vehicle handling.

While new performance improvements are expected to come to Forza Motorsport, the developer has only confirmed one new performance upgrade. The ballast adjustment will allow you to control your vehicle's overall weight by adjusting the weight distribution at increments of 2.5% to its current vehicle weight.

The spectrophotometer allowed the developer "to capture multiple data points of light behavior" on the car's surface. This provides them with the most accurate data for sourcing car paints, giving players the most "realistic light response" for paint colors, metallic paint, and gloss levels.

All Forza Motorsport New Game Modes

forza motosport release guide game modes builders cup single player carrpg
Builder's Cup incorporates RPG mechanics and game progression into a career mode providing curated automotive stories for massive rewards. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Perhaps the most significant announcement regarding Forza Motorsport is including a single-player mode, the Builder's Cup. This career mode is specifically targeted at car-building enthusiasts, inspired by several career modes from previous Motorsport entries.

Adding RPG mechanics and progression features, dubbed CarPG, players can progress through Builder's Cup through "car leveling" and its upgrading system, which is determined by the amount of work invested into your vehicle. You can explore various curated "automotive stories" through Builder's Cup, which is based on the cars selected for each story featured.

As you explore these stories, you can unlock various rewards, including performance upgrades added to your vehicle following each event. Additionally, Car Points can be earned, used when installing car upgrades, and obtained through racing and car leveling.

In a future guide, we'll detail Builder's Cup, Forza Motosport's new single-player career mode offering. There will be more details regarding the game's multiplayer components, Free Play, Rivals and leaderboards, and more in the coming months, so bookmark this page for the latest Forza Motorsport news and updates.