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Forza Motorsport Preload Size Is Eye-Watering

Forza Motorsport is officially pre-loadable, and the file size is going to make your Xbox start sobbing.
Forza Motorsport Preload Size Is Eye-Watering

The preload for the upcoming Xbox exclusive, Forza Motorsport, is now available to anybody who has pre-ordered the game or who is subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, and it'll likely require you to delete several games on your Xbox in order to make space for it, so get your hard drive ready.

Forza Motorsport Download Size: All Platforms

In a blog post, Xbox has revealed that the game has officially gone gold and that pre-loads are now active for anybody who is eligible for the pre-load period.

Forza Motorsport will take up a lot of space regardless of what your preferred file size is:

  • Xbox Series X: 133 GB
  • Xbox Series S: 100 GB
  • Windows 10/11 (Microsoft Store): 119 GB
  • Steam: 118 GB

If you've purchased the game on Steam, you can't pre-load the game right now, with Xbox promising more details on that avenue further down the line.

How To Pre-Load Forza Motorsport

In order to pre-load Forza Motorsport you need to either be subscribed to Xbox Game Pass or have purchased Forza Motorsport. You'll be able to play the game on October 5 if you've purchased either the Premium Edition of the game or the Premium add-on for the game. If not, you'll have to wait until October 10 to race in a truly next-generation racing simulator.