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Everything you need to know about Dasha, Free Fire's latest character

The new addition to the Free Fire roster will become one of the best for any team with her new passive ‘Partying On’.
Everything you need to know about Dasha, Free Fire's latest character

Several competitive Free Fire leagues around the world have ended, and the time has come to introduce its newest character, en route to what will be the Free Fire Continental Series.

Dasha is a 25-year-old girl, with a rebellious attitude and punk style, and there is only one thing she enjoys doing the most: Celebrating. In this way, her unique ability has been designed specially for someone like her, called 'Partying On'.

Dasha - Abilities

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'Partying On' allows Dasha to reduce fall damage by 30%, in addition to reducing fall recovery time by 60%, allowing that if Dasha is thrown from a high enough point, she will land with 67 HP and ready to continue in battle without waiting too long.

This results in a substantial difference and advantage, when compared to any other characters on the roster, as when they fall, they only have 10 HP left, on the verge of death.

Added to this, ‘Partying On’ reduces the accumulated and maximum recoil by 6%, making Dasha can carry various types of weapons in a better way, which will give a more than flexible gameplay with this fighter.

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Additionally, her pet Rockie has also been introduced. Rockie is a raccoon with all the rock attitude, bringing with it a new ability: 'Relax and Rock'.

'Relax and Rock' allows the recovery time of equipped active skills to be reduced by 6%, reaching up to 15% at its maximum level.

How to get Dasha in Free Fire

To get Dasha, simply go to your character tab inside Free Fire, as she's a free unlockable. Keep in mind that Garena is slowly introducing her, which is why some players don't have access to Dasha yet.

With this, both Dasha and Rockie arrive in full power onto the battlefield, where they are expected to become a good addition to any team, when combining their abilities with those of other characters in the game.

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