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Free Fire - The Hero Trial: Rewards, start date, guide and more

The new event that will bring us the arrival of Saitama and more content from One-Punch Man will arrive this weekend. Learn all the details.
Free Fire - The Hero Trial: Rewards, start date, guide and more

In recent months Free Fire has received some great collaborations, with the most recent being focused on world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, in the futuristic-themed event Operation Chrono.

And as we revealed earlier this month, a new global collaboration will arrive in Garena's battle royale, this time from ONE, the publisher Shueisha, and the world-renowned Japanese series, One-Punch Man.

All this will be through the new event, The Hero Trial, which will bring missions and special content based on the series, so here we bring you all the details of how to achieve all this in a few days.

The Hero Trial: Free rewards

From the launch day, 23rd January, players can collect a free Saitama loot box, following these steps:

  • While in the main menu, you will press the Calendar icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Next, you should tap on the "One Punch Man - The Hero Trial" tab and click on the "Mega Punch" option.
  • Lastly, you must click on the claim button to receive Saitama's Loot Box.

Aside from this, players will be able to collect more Saitama boxes by completing objectives within games, which will change daily.

Free Fire Path To hero events
(Picture: Garena)

The Hero Trail: Path to Hero limited-time event

In addition, there will be different rewards available from the Path to Hero event, where players will have to show their most heroic side and complete a series of challenges.

Garena has shared how the interaction will work with this special event:


The Hero Trial: New content and changes

Finally, the game will bring with it a new map based on City Z, the city where One-Punch Man takes place. There will also be new rewards, with the stand out being the new skin for the M1887, and skins for the fighters based on Saitama and Genos.

The Hero Trial event, along with all its content and rewards, will be available within Free Fire from 23rd January, until the last days of this month.