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Genshin Impact – All Statue Of The Seven Locations In Sumeru

Genshin Impact 3.0 added the Statue of the Seven locations, including one hidden somewhere in Sumeru. Here’s how to find them all.
Genshin Impact – All Statue Of The Seven Locations In Sumeru

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update introduced Travelers to the Sumeru region, including new areas available to explore. These areas are highlighted by the appearance of the new Statue of the Seven, which corresponds with the region's Archon, Lesser Lord Kusanali, the God of Wisdom.

Seven Statue of the Seven locations is scattered across the region, which can open up more significant portions of the map and reveal new Teleport Waypoints for the region. This guide details all locations for the Statue of the Seven in Sumeru and how to find them.

Genshin Impact - All Statue of the Seven Locations In Sumeru

Following the Aranyaka World Quest series, most statues can be unlocked, starting with Part I: Woodland Encounter World Quest. Keep progressing with the quest chain until you've begun Part II: Dream Nursery to discover your first Statue of the Seven in Vanarana.

genshin impact 3.0 update guide statue of the seven sumeru locations teyvat interactive map
The seven locations of all Statue of the Seven in Sumeru. (Picture: HoYoverse via Teyvat Interactive Map)

Continue with the quest chain until Part II: Dream Nursery is completed to unlock the Vanarana Tree. You can discover the next Statue of the Seven within the area before locating the following statues using the Teyvat Interactive Map, which we've listed below.

  • Vanarana: This statue is hidden within a cave near a home northwest of the Tree of Dreams, which will light the area up once activated.
  • Lost Nursery: This statue can be located once you've started Part III: Nursery of Lost Dreams at the Fane of Ashvatta Teleport Waypoint; run and glide northwest away from the waypoint to find the statue.
  • Ashavan Realm: You can find this statue southwest of the Vissudha Field Statue of the Seven and east of the Yasna Monument
  • Avidya Forest: Find this statue at Gandharva Ville, southwest of The Chasm; find it atop a large boulder on a cliff
  • Lokapala Jungle: This statue is found near Mawtiyima Forest. You must traverse across the large Rukkhashava Mushrooms to find it tucked away on a cliff; there are Stone Pillar Seals nearby.
  • Vissudha Field: This statue is located west of the Avidya Forest and overlooks the Vissudha Field as it rests atop a hill.
  • Ardravi Valley: Finally, this statue is located in the Devantaka Mountains; it's found to the left of the Ruin Guard's hand, and you can discover parchments required for a hidden quest in this area.

Once you've interacted with each statue, you can receive rewards when you level it up. Additionally, you can worship at the statue by exchanging Dendroculus to increase your stamina and heal by receiving the Statue's Blessing.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.