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Genshin Impact leak hints at new outfits for Diluc and Fischl

Genshin Impact leaks suggest that Diluc's new outfit may draw similarities from the outfit featured in the KFC promotional artwork last year.
Genshin Impact leak hints at new outfits for Diluc and Fischl

A dated Genshin Impact leak reemerged online following a Chinese insider forum report, teasing Diluc and Fischl's new outfits. This latest leak supports information originating from December 2021; however, no design models have been supplied yet.

The leak references previous promotional artwork for inspiration for Diluc's new outfit, but nothing has been reported for Fischl. Additionally, the source didn't confirm when they are expected to arrive in-game as both characters have yet to receive new character outfits.

Genshin leak suggests Diluc & Fischl will receive new character skins

A screenshot of the latest leak, originating from a reliable Chinese source, supports a previous leak suggesting that Diluc and Fischl will be getting new outfits.

The screenshot was posted to the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit and explained that while several "fake" sources were related to the leak, only one confirmed outfits for Diluc and Fischl.

The original leak also explained that there are no plans for the Geo Claymore character, Noelle, to receive a new skin. But more interestingly, it clearly stated that Diluc's new skin would reportedly be "similar to his KFC costume."

It's worth noting that the KFC reference ties into a collaboration between miHoYo and KFC last year, which used promotional artwork featuring Diluc and Noelle. Travelers could obtain the Wings of Feasting glider or the KFC glider to use in-game through this collaboration.

genshin impact leaks new outfits kfc promotional artwork
Diluc and Noelle were featured in promotional artwork for KFC last year. (Picture: miHoYo)

Currently, Diluc and Fischl have only their default character skins equipped with the characters at launch. There haven't been many details on what Fischl's new outfit could look like, but based on previous leaks, Diluc's should closely resemble the KFC outfit seen in the promotional artwork.

For now, Travelers can only speculate on potential designs for Fischl's outfit. Since she's a Mondstadt character, like Diluc, her outfit could represent the region or possibly a new event in Mondstadt.

genshin impact leaks new outfits fischl mondstadt inspiration
Fischl's new outfit could likely draw inspiration from the Mondstadt traditional wear. (Picture: miHoYo)

With these new outfits for Diluc and Fischl pretty much set in stone, there is still the question of how Travelers can acquire them. Previously, some new character outfits were offered as free event rewards, like Ningguang's outfit during the Lantern Rite Festival, so Fischl's new outfit may be a free event reward.

On the other hand, Travelers would have to purchase the new outfit much like Keqing's outfit during the 2.4 Opulent Splendor event. Since Keqing's outfit cost 1,680 Genesis Crystals through the in-game shop, Diluc's new outfit will be similarly priced.

genshin impact outfits 2.4 lantern rite festival ningguang keqing
Ningguang and Keqing were the recent characters to receive new outfits in Genshin Impact. (Picture: miHoyo)

The latest leak doesn't mention the timeline of when we can expect to see these new skins for Diluc and Fischl. However, with the 2.5 update launching on 16th February 2022, there is a possibility these skins to appear with the next update.


Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.