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Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains World Quest – All six offering locations

With the Cup of Commons in your possession, we detail where to find the offering items for the Millennial Mountains quest in Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains World Quest – All six offering locations

Genshin Impact 2.6 update added numerous quests involving its newest area, The Chasm, as Travelers begin their journey to learning and understanding the history behind this location. The Millennial Mountains World Quest tasks you with tracking down items part of the Millelith's Treasures hidden at The Chasm.

One of these items, the Cup of Commons, was previously covered in a separate guide that requires a specific quest to obtain it. This guide explains how to start The Millennial Mountains World Quest and the locations of all Millelith's Treasures in Genshin Impact.

What are The Millennial Mountains' offerings in Genshin Impact?

Travelers must speak with the quest giver NPC, Wang, located south of The Chasm's Maw and east of a Teleport Waypoint. After speaking with Wang, the quest will be triggered, in which you are tasked to find the six Millelith's Treasures and offer them to a Stone Memorial.

genshin impact the milennial mountains guide wang npc the chasms maw
The World Quest giver, Wang, can be found around The Chasm's Maw. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Once offered, you'll be able to acquire them before speaking with Wang to conclude the quest. The six Millelith's Treasures to locate are the following:

  • The Helm of Warding: An item that protects its owner from rockfalls
  • The Cup of Commons: An object that honours brotherhood
  • The Skyfeather: Represents noble beliefs
  • The Warriors Spear: Aid its wielder against enemies
  • The Flower of Farsight: A flower native to the area surrounding The Chasm
  • The Sundial of Ages: An object serving as a reminder of forgotten times

We have covered how Travelers can obtain the Cup of Commons, which you can collect after completing the Undetected infiltration World Quest. Next, we will briefly recap and provide details on where to find the remaining offerings and the Stone Memorial.

Where to find all six Millennial Mountains offerings in Genshin Impact?

genshin impact the milennial mountains guide the flower of farsight cinnabar cliff milleliths treasures
Pluck the Flower of Farsight which will trigger an adjacent World Quest to complete. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

The Flower of Farsight is pretty simple to find as its location is southwest of a Statue of The Seven at Cinnabar Cliff. To reach this location, from Wang's location, head west by climbing the mountains using Spoutrocks to give you a jumping boost.

Once you have reached the very top of the mountains, you'll find an NPC, Tang Wuchou and a small garden of flowers to collect, with one being The Flower of Farsight. This triggers a battle with the character for which you will have received the offering and immediately activate the A Cliff-Side Hero's Past World Quest.

genshin impact the milennial mountains guide the helm of warding the chasms maw milleliths treasures
The Helm of Warding is located in a hidden section inside a wooden house. (Picture: HoYoverse)

The next offering, The Helm of Warding, can be found within The Chasm's Maw inside a wooden house. Once inside, you'll find a Seelie located on a staircase that will lead you to an Exquisite Chest if you follow it.

Locate the room behind the chest for which you need to ignite the haystack using bombs to reveal a hidden section. Drop down into the section and investigate it, revealing the item as The Helm of Warding.

genshin impact the milennial mountains guide the skyfeather glaze peak milleliths treasures
Search a bird's nest to find the Skyfeather tucked inside. (Picture: HoYoverse)

The next offering to locate is the Skyfeather, found on the opposite side of The Chasm, at Glaze Peak west of a Teleport Waypoint. There is a cliff in this area; however, you'll need to look out for a few birds flying around a pillar at the cliff's edge. Next, look for a bird's nest and investigate it to find the Skyfeather hiding inside the nest.

The Warriors Spear is not far from Wang's location, at Tiangong Gorge, south of The Chasm's Maw. Scale the cliff in this area, and the Warriors Spear plunged into the ground at the top.

genshin impact the milennial mountains guide the sundial of ages fuao vale milleliths treasures
The Sundial of Ages is resting on a table at Fuao Vale. (Picture: HoYoverse)

You can find the Sundial of Ages west of the Teleport Waypoint at Fuao Vale, where you can spot a Treasure Hoarder. It would be best if you defeated the enemy before investigating a table in front of him where you can collect the Sundial of Ages.

Since we have previously covered how to acquire the Cup of Commons, you'll need to trigger the Undetected Infiltration World Quest by heading southeast of The Chasm's Maw. Proceed to battle with some enemies in the area before travelling to a marked location to trigger the World Quest, as mentioned earlier.

genshin impact the milennial mountains guide the cup of commons the chasms maw milleliths treasures
Inside the Precious Chest is the Cup of Commons once completed the Undetected Infiltration World Quest. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Follow the quest objectives until you have spoken with Yambo at the quest's conclusion. Then, locate the Precious Chest within the area and loot it to acquire the Cup of Commons.

Where to find the Stone Memorial in Genshin Impact?

After locating all six Millelith's Treasures, head back to Wang's location, where you'll find the Stone Memorial. The memorial stone is just east of the character where you can offer the items, thus revealing a secret opening beneath the memorial.

genshin impact the milennial mountains guide milleliths treasures offering rewards
Yes, Paimon. The Millelith's Treasures are real, which can be obtained after offering the six items at the Stone Memorial. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Drop down into the opening, including a Ceremonial War-Plume and a Luxurious Chest. Opening the chest contains the following items:

  • Halberd
  • Exile's Goblet
  • Lucky Dog's Hourglass
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Waster Greatsword

Nearby the Luxurious Chest is more rewards to collect, such as the Pledging Vessel, Orichalceous Time-Dial, General's Ancient Helm, Stone Tablet and Flower of Accolades.

Speak with Wang once more before concluding the World Quest, and you can receive the Wonders of the World achievement "The Millelith Shall Never Be Moved".

We like to thank the YouTube channel WoW Quests for the complete walkthrough of The Millennial Mountains World Quest and locating all six offerings in Genshin Impact. You can subscribe to their channel for more amazing content.


Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse & YouTube / WoW Quests.