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Genshin Impact unveils Olympic-themed concept skins for Ganyu & Keqing

miHoYo is bringing the Winter Olympics to Genshin Impact with the latest concept artwork featuring Paimon, Ganyu and Keqing.
Genshin Impact unveils Olympic-themed concept skins for Ganyu & Keqing

The Winter Olympics is currently underway in Beijing, China, and the world’s best athletes are getting ready to compete on the biggest sporting stage. Followingly, Genshin Impact decided to draw inspiration from the multi-sport event by revealing new concept artwork for some of its characters.

The concept art allows Travelers to view an alternate side to the game’s favourite and popular pairings. Regardless, the Olympic-themed artwork surprised the Genshin Impact community, citing calls for developer miHoYo to release cosmetic skins for the game.

Genshin Impact reveal alternate Olympic skins art

miHoYo posted the latest concept art to their official Genshin Impact Twitter account on 11th February 2022. Inspired by the ongoing Winter Olympic Games held in China, the artwork featured Paimon with Ganyu and Keqing donning winter-themed outfits.

genshin impact olympics concept artwork twitter paimon ganyu keqing
Genshin Impact revealed new Olympic-themed concept artwork featuring Paimon, Ganyu and Keqing. (Picture: miHoYo)

The characters could be seen out of their default outfits, favouring winter-appropriate attire as they enjoy Olympic-themed activities on the slopes, possibly at Dragonspine. Titled “Spiraling Songs of ice and Snow”, Ganyu and Keqing were seen donning thermal leggings, while Paimon embraced the cold with a cool woollen cap, scarf, and gloves set.

While this may be just concept artwork, many Travelers within the Genshin Impact community have asked the developer to release these skins. One user commented that they want the “snow outfits” in-game soon; another shared a similar sentiment, offering advice should miHoYo release the skins.

genshin impact olympic concept artwork twitter response
One enthusiastic Twitter user asks the developer to make the Olympic-themed skins available in-game. (Picture: Twitter / shulkssandwich)

While the Olympic-themed skins are gaining popularity with the community, it’s not the only reason why Travelers are clamouring over them.

Moments before the Tweet went viral; however, the developers were trending for evoking Genshin fandom for the original posting featuring the same image.

Their social media team responded to “Ganqing Impact” on Twitter before the original posts were deleted. While it was then re-uploaded, it appears the community never forgets since they questioned why it was reposted.

One Twitter user explained that the reason behind it wasn’t due to the “Ganqing Impact” comment; in fact, the issue was with the image itself. Followingly, a different Twitter user elaborated, saying that the developer’s social media team hadn’t seen an error in the image that resulted in the post being deleted.

The developer may not have confirmed if this was the real reason; however, the themed skins certainly has the Genshin Impact community fired up.

We hope miHoYo listens to the community and releases these skins sometime soon.


Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.