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Genshin Impact Sumeru Anime Promo Hypes Fans For Version 3.0 Release

A promo video for the Genshin Impact 3.0 update was recently released, as fans call on developer HoYoverse to produce an anime series.
Genshin Impact Sumeru Anime Promo Hypes Fans For Version 3.0 Release

HoYoverse debuted their latest promotional video for Genshin Impact, which has had their community begging for an anime adaptation. While the video was brief, it highlighted the beauty, glory, and intrigue of the upcoming Sumeru region and the characters that call the location home.

Nevertheless, the trailer doesn't reveal much about what fans already know about the upcoming 3.0 update thus far. However, it provided a seemingly cryptic message from Nahida, who narrates the video, stating, "Everything in this world runs in a loop. As for the truth, that's on you to find out."

Genshin Impact Fans Call On Dev For Anime Series

According to a blog post from the developer, a few familiar faces appeared in the trailer, including Aether, Paimon, Tighnari, Cyno, and Nahida. Additionally, the developer officially announced voice actor Kimberley Anne Campbell as the voice for Nahida; however no confirmation if she will be a playable character in later updates.

The latest promotional video isn’t the first time the developer has leaned or explored the anime genre. The story promotional trailer for the 2.5 update featured a handful of Inazuman-based characters, including Yae Miko and Kamisato Ayato, which had the Genshin Impact community pleading for an anime series to be produced.

One YouTube user provided the best reasoning as to why HoYoverse should be exploring this direction, given that an official Genshin Impact manga series is available online. “For real though, a Genshin animated series would be a nice one to have, featuring some of the stories of each character (per episode) and some connections about the lores of each region…,” the YouTube user wrote.

genshin impact promotional video 2.5 update youtube comment
For the 2.5 Promotional Video, a YouTube user explained why HoYoverse should develop a Genshin Impact anime. (Picture: YouTube)

They elaborated another creative idea for the possible anime series, “Or maybe a new story overall (just like the one in the manga). Hopefully, this will happen in the future.”

Many have praised the promotional trailer’s clean animation on social media, arguing that the developer should’ve developed an anime at this point. According to one Twitter user, the trailer felt like it was promoting animated series and not a game.

genshin impact promotional video 3.0 update sumeru tighnari collei playable characters
Tighnari and Collei, who will be coming soon as playable characters, appeared in the Promotional Video for Genshin Impact. (Picture: YouTube / Genshin Impact)

“The animation for Sumeru’s promotional video is superb. I hope HoYoverse will soon make a movie or a series about the storyline of the game because watching this felt like I was watching an anime trailer.”

The Genshin Impact community is undoubtedly right on many points, considering how widely popular anime is worldwide. HoYoverse wouldn’t have difficulty finding a market for a Genshin Impact animated series as it would target both the gaming and anime communities should they decide to give the project the go-ahead.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.