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Liyue's Hidden ships: where to find Beidou's ship and the Pearl Galley

Two of Liyue’s most famous vessels are home to some intriguing side missions - if you can find and reach them. Here’s how to find your way to the mysterious pleasure barge the Pearl Galley and pirate captain Beidou’s flagship the Crux. Welcome aboard.
Liyue's Hidden ships: where to find Beidou's ship and the Pearl Galley

Genshin Impact is home to many mysteries and secret quests, and Liyue’s high seas are no different. Two (in)famous vessels in particular can be reached if only you know where and how to look. Here’s how to find your way to the Pearl Galley and the Crux.

Liyue's Hidden ships

The Pearl Galley

Genshin Impact Lyue hidden ships quest how to
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The Pearl Galley, pleasure barge to the rich and famous, home of auctions, opera, world class cuisine… and only open to its exclusive invited clientele. The Traveller however, is quite the party crasher - who needs an invite when you can glide and swim your way into a party as you please?

where is the pearl galley genshin impact?
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To reach this exclusive access ship, you’ll want to head to the cliffs south-east of Liyue, and then glide down towards the gaudy looking Pearl Galley from there. It requires a little swimming too, so you might want to make sure you have some stamina restoring food in case you don’t make it as far as you’d like.

Genshin Impact Pearl galley location
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Once you're aboard and have been spotted by the crew you’ll be taken to meet the receptionist, Luoxia. It turns out just finding your own way aboard without an invitation wasn’t all that well received. Fortunately, she’ll give you an opportunity to charm your way into an invitation by talking to the other guests.

That means running some errands and talking to some, er, interesting figures. It’s nothing too taxing, though it does mean making your way back and forth between the ship and Liyue a few times.

Make sure to pay attention to some of the subtexts here, the Pearl Galley may well be hiding a few skeletons in its closet. Or at the bottom of the ocean.

The Crux

Genshin Impact Crux sea of clouds guyun stone forest
Captain on deck! (Picture: miHoYo)

The flagship of pirate captain and folklore hero Beidou (who incidentally has an increased drop rate on the current banner - get pulling!). You can find the Crux anchored in the Sea of Clouds, hidden to the south east of the Guyun Stone Forest.

Guyun Forest stone forest location
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The easiest method of reaching the Crux is to teleport to the nearby domain (assuming you’ve already activated it) then traverse your way up the mountain through the opening to the east. From there you can glide your way aboard.

Genshin Impact Pearl Galley
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Much like the Pearl Galley though, Beidou’s First Mate isn’t best pleased about the Traveller inviting themselves aboard. You’ll have to complete some similar fetch quests and deliveries to Liyue before you’re welcome on the Crux, but afterwards a number of chests and other rewards will be ripe for the picking.

And that’s all! Good luck on your nautical expeditions.